Spray Tan Consent Form- Online templates to save your time

Spray tanning is a way to get a healthy and consistent tan. You may have invested in a spray tanning machine to help customers in your salon/spa center. Spray tanning is safer than tanning beds. Moreover, it is better than getting exposed to sun rays. Still, your customers should be aware of every detail before availing of your spray tanning services. Ingredients used for spray tanning products may cause side effects. That is why you must have the consent of your customers before treating them with those products. Download the Spray Tan Consent Form online and use it for your everyday professional needs.

Why use templates of the Spray Tan Consent Form?

It is time-consuming to create every part of the form properly for the spray tan consent. Moreover, you do not know how to create the form and what questions are to be added to it. That is why you can download online templates of the Spray Tan Consent Form. Download it on any device and start editing the template. Choose the best online site to find the form.

Things that your customers should acknowledge

  • The professional has clearly illustrated the tanning process with an airbrush. 
  • Your customers must acknowledge that they have no allergy and medical condition at the time of receiving the treatment. 
  • They should understand that there might be a variation in the results of the spray tanning treatment. 
  • They must not hold the spray tan provider liable for any harm caused by the spray tanning products.

These acknowledgments should be a part of the spray tan consent form.

Some general information to be provided in the consent form

Candidates have to wear loose-fit clothing and flip-flop shoes. Without the right preparation, the service provider does not guarantee the desired results. The salon will provide only the disposable things.

To get the best result, candidates should follow the after-treatment guidelines given by the spray tan provider. They have to wait at least 24 hours before cleaning the part with water. Furthermore, they have to avoid engaging in activities, which cause perspiration. The use of moisturizer and makeup before the first shower needs to be avoided. It is also safe to avoid using body wash and soap.

Potential risks of the spray tanning process

  • Risk of the suitability of the spray tanning products

Professional-grade spray tanning products have a carbohydrate known as dihydroxyacetone. This DHA is obtained from plant sources and glycerin. It reacts with the amino acids of the skin to turn out a sunless glow. Although DHA is thought to be safe, the FDA has found potential health hazards to the lungs when inhaled. As a service provider, you can keep your customers safe by offering a protective mask. Ensure that the room is ventilated properly during your treatment session. 

  • Asthma Instigator

It is already said that inhalation of DHA is harmful to health. So, candidates who have asthma can keep away from spray tanning solutions. Some candidates have breathing problems though they do not have asthma.

  • Risk of free radicals

Skin tanning products that contain DHA result in the formation of free radicals. As these products have no UV protection ingredients, active DHA may cause skin damage. That is why candidates should stay away from the sun rays.

  • Risk for allergies

DHA can result in allergic reactions when it is inhaled. The candidate may have red, itchy skin with signs of the rash. Those who have already suffered from allergies can avoid spray tanning.

  • Spray tan for pregnant women

It is better to avoid spray tanning treatment during pregnancy. Although tan lotions and creams do not directly cause adverse effects, pregnant women can stay away from the tanning process. It is true that there is no scientific evidence about the risk to the unborn baby. Still, preventative steps save a pregnant woman from any concern. 

During pregnancy, women have fluctuations in hormones. So, their skin becomes more sensitive, and thus, there is a risk of allergic reaction. In the consent form, candidates have to acknowledge that they are not pregnant while undergoing spray tanning treatment. You should also inform them about the risk of having the spray in a pregnant condition. 

So, you can now use your Spray Tan Consent Form to avoid legal problems. As your customers sign the form, it ensures that they know about the potential outcomes and side effects of spray tanning treatment. At the end of the form, there is a space for the client’s name and signature. As you are a treatment provider, you should also sign the form. Candidates need to certify that they have thoroughly understood the process. You have to secure the signed form because it may be essential in the future. The form also contains a number of questions, and your customer should respond to those queries before signing the paper.

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