Tax resolution service

Tax Resolution Services enables relaxation or reduction in taxes, debts, unfiled returns, penalties, interest rates, and fees. Indian Revenue Services (IRS) are not responsible for lessening the debt. If anyone has owed money from the IRS tax problems, then most tax-related issues like IRS Liens, IRS Levies, Tax Audit, Back Taxes Owed, IRS Wage Garnishment, and Back Tax Returns can be solved with the help of tax resolution services.

Tax relief services

Various types of tax resolution services are there like innocent spouse relief, bookkeeping, currently not collectable (CNC), instalment agreement, stop wage garnishment, tax audit, tax levy release, tax relief, IRS Expiration Of Statutes (Used), Irs Penalty Abatement, Offer In Compromise (Oic), Offer in Compromise, Tax Audit Appeals and many more. Some of them are illustrated below.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief enables the relaxation of tax, penalties, and interest. Some people file jointly with their spouses because of some benefits. Suppose their spouse submitted incorrect tax information, did not report income, or claimed improper credits. In that case, the other person is also responsible for interest and tax and has to suffer. Innocent spouse relief programs help these people to seek relief from taxes and penalties or do tax help. These programs apply to self-employment and individual income taxes.

Instalment Agreement (IA)

In an instalment agreement, a consumer gets an opportunity to spread out tax debts and solve tax problems. Various instalment agreements and tax resolution consultants help consumers avoid wage garnishment, tax levies, additional penalties, and many more. By instalment agreements, consumers are benefited to a greater extent.

Tax levy release

When Indian Revenue Services claims houses, cars, and other assets of a consumer, tax levy release regains the losses of these assets. Tax levy release can negotiate with Indian Revenue Services agents to disclose the levy.

Audit representation

Audit representation helps consumers if Indian Revenue Services has opted for their audit tax returns. In Audit representation, consultants work to gather financial documents to meet IRS auditors assigned for a consumer’s case. They manage the complete audit process by themselves.

Currently not collectable (CNC)

Not collectable is a tax relief service that helps people who cannot pay their tax debts. This service can help gather useful documentation and files and help people bear expenses.

Stop wage garnishment

If the consumer’s income is quite high, then stopping the wage garnishment service can help them greatly with living expenses. Consultants can stop garnishments by using instalment plans or by some other method.

Offer in compromise

Offer in compromise services helps consumers to settle down or consolidate their tax debts. These services help in the relaxation and reduction of the total debt balance. The amount to be paid depends on your income and assets, but the IRS demands the right amount of tax. Tax resolution consultants can help consumers, offer them the correct amount, and ensure that the chances of an offer getting approved are very high.

Tax lien removal

When the IRS announces its objective to use the consumer’s assets to collect the tax debt, tax lien removal services can be used by the consumers.

Tax resolution consultants help consumers with their strategies for appealing liens.


Many people face tax-related issues, and they are not aware of any tax relief solutions and tax help resources.

Tax resolution services help consumers to unfiled tax liens, tax returns, an audit and many more. There are so many firms and companies that offer tax relief services. If any person is facing any issues and having trouble related to tax debt and is seeking help, then can take help directly from tax relief services. These services will resolve and resettle all tax debt resolutions.

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