Car accidents are more common than you think. With a large number of motor vehicles on the road today, the chances of you getting into one are more than probable.

There are several reasons why these accidents occur, and you must carefully understand the causes to avoid getting caught up in an undesirable situation.

Let’s shed light on this with a statistical forefront – in 2021’s first quarter, approximately 8,730 people fell prey to a car accident and ended up losing their lives. This is a 10.5 percent jump from 2020’s first quarter’s death rate due to car accidents.

Why is the number increasing? What are the leading causes behind these accidents?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why car accidents occur:

1. Driving Under The Influence

It is not uncommon knowledge that one of the primary reasons behind these car accidents is driving when you are under the influence. Inevitably, when you are drunk, your cognitive ability gets sluggish, which hampers your reaction time.

It is highly likely that if you are behind the vehicle in a non-sober state, you might take a wrong turn, break the signal, or not press the brakes at the right time. Therefore, we highly recommend that if you plan on drinking on any occasion, please ensure you have someone sober tagging along with you who can safely drive you back.

2. Unnecessary Speeding

The famous saying ‘speed thrills, but kills’ is super valid when it comes to car accidents. You may not realize it at that point in time, but overspeeding will suppress your ability to make quick decisions, especially when it requires you to halt immediately.

Try avoiding driving over the speed limit, as when you do, the chances of you averting a possible accident situation are minimal. However, do not put your life along with several others at risk just for a few seconds of excitement – trust us when we say the regret lasts longer.

3. Driving When You Are Distracted

The most prominent reason behind the massive number of car accidents is driving the car while being distracted. We have the sudden urge to look at our phone screens every time a notification pops up or we want to choose a fitting song that matches the weather, but you must understand that all of this can wait.

We suggest parking your car at the side, turn on the double indicators, use the phone only if it’s super essential; otherwise, just let it be. If it’s not an urgent matter, your friends can wait, and the music can wait; your entire focus should be on reaching your destination as safely as possible.

4. Harsh Weather Conditions

When driving the car in unacceptable weather conditions such as snowfall and heavy rains, you must be extra careful. There are chances of your motor vehicle slipping or your brakes not functioning as fittingly as they usually do.

Do not take the risk of driving fast; pace yourself. It does not matter if you reach your destination five to ten minutes late, but it will matter if you get into an accident due to improper driving in inclement weather scenarios.  If you are involved in a car accident and suffer personal injuries you should consider contacting car injury lawyers Perth.  The best car accident injury lawyers can assist you to receive the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

5. Driving Recklessly

No matter how well you can drive or how efficiently you can take sharp turns, there are chances of you making a mistake. Therefore, there is no reason to drive recklessly, do not tailgate other vehicles, switch lanes every second, and cut in between other drivers’ routes.

Even if you end up making the right turns, there are chances the vehicle behind you cannot react promptly, of which the outcome will be another dreaded car accident situation.

6. Inexperienced Driving By Teenagers

With every youngster wanting to be on the road, an inevitable amount of danger comes coupled with it. Unfortunately, these drivers do not have the appropriate amount of experience to navigate challenging traffic situations.

It is possible that they may make a minor mistake due to slower reaction times, which may cause accidents. Please allow them to be ahead if you see a teenager on the road, let them take the turn before you, just do not put yourself at risk by trying to get ahead – it may cause you more harm than good.

7. Laidback Driving Attitude At Night

After sunset, when roads start getting darker, the vision gets severely affected of any individual behind the wheel. Every driver must be extra cautious and vigilant so that they focus on the road and can distinguish what’s ahead easily.

Make sure you know your surroundings and the cars on the right and left lanes before making any turns to avoid getting in a situation where you ram your vehicle in another vehicle due to limited vision.

8. Defected Vehicle Designs

Another cause of accidents is defective vehicles with a higher chance of either tipping over or flipping when taking a sharp turn due to improper design.

Several manufacturers do not factor in the design as fittingly as they should, and the outcome is unfit vehicles for the road, which might cause an accident solely due to their design. If your car has manufacturing faults, you can read about Florida lemon law to help you.

9. Making Wrong Turns

When you are behind the vehicle, you might assume that you will be able to make any turn you want without giving it actual thought, which causes car accidents to occur – 40% of these accidents occur at intersections.

If you were in the middle lane, do not instantly switch to the right lane when the turn is nearby; there might be no room, or you overtaking another car might cause it to ram in your vehicle.

On the contrary, the right decision would be to continue going straight and take the next turn but this time, do it properly. Always be in the intended lane, depending on where you want to make a turn. Make yourself and others around you safer.


When behind the wheel, you must be focusing on the road and nothing else. Ensure you aren’t distracted, not speeding too much, not drunk, or any other improper behavior mentioned above. According to statistics, 94% of vehicle accidents are caused by human mistakes – do not add further to the list and always drive safely.


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