The best game remakes of all time

Videogame history has left us with legendary titles that remain in the memory of gamers. And some of the best game releases already date from a long time ago, in consoles that most of us don’t use or even own anymore.

This is where game remakes enter the scene. Game developers are bringing back the most popular videogame titles of all time in modern versions, to be played on new consoles. In the end, if a game is remade it probably means that the original’s influence was such that it entitles the producers to go forward with the rebirth of the game. This is why almost every remake will benefit from huge approval ratings.

Younger generations have taken remakes as an opportunity to play some of the most renowned video games in history, or older generations have been given the chance to revive emotions and sensations from the past they’ve long cherished. For any of the two, it only means that remakes are here to stay and will be another important tool in the creation of future titles.

Let’s look at some of the best remakes of all time.

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

A masterwork was released in 1993 for the first Nintendo Game Boy and that already accounts for a remake in 1998 for a color version.

Having a third remake for a modern console like the Nintendo Switch can only give you an idea of how good a game can be.

The remastered soundtrack and the improvement of graphics and game mechanics have turned Link’s Awakening gameplay into a much smoother experience. But the essence of the game remains the same and this is the true secret of this remake’s success.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

This is one of the most hyped remakes of all time, having been first introduced to the world in a demo for the PlayStation 3, and wasn’t released until the end of the PlayStation 4 lifespan.

But the waiting was totally worth it. Every single detail of the 1997 game was included and carefully reimagined for a modern console, this includes the monsters, the characters, and every pixel of the original game.

It isn’t a clear-cut copy of the original game as the developers introduced new elements to the story that were criticized in the beginning but that adds a lot of depth to the already great story of the game.

Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver

The new generation of consoles brought a whole new set of technological developments that few games took advantage of as much as Pokémon.

Pokémon Gold and Silver were released in 2000 on the Game Boy and introduced the world to a set of 100 new Pokémon of the Johto region.

The Heart Gold and Soul Silver not only improved the graphics and mechanics of the original game but included a peripheral hardware that looked like a Tamagotchi device. With this device, gamers were allowed to store actual Pokémon that they caught in the game to interact and train them in the outer world.

The remakes also marked one of the first Pokémon titles to fully benefit from online gaming, with game modes like Battle Frontier that are still present in Pokémon games.

BONUS: Traditional games gone digital

While we’ve gone through some of the best remakes of video games, we still need to mention some of the best remakes of physical games that have migrated into digital and online contexts to the point of having more success with their digital versions than with the real ones.

We’re talking about the iGaming industry and online casino platforms that have revolutionized the betting industry by adapting casino games in their digital versions. They’re providing players with the necessary tools to enjoy the whole experience of casino games from the comfort of their homes and with many options to make cash deposits, from credit cards, bank transfers, or PayPal payments.

You can find from the most popular games like poker, blackjack, or slots to other less mainstream games that can be found on top sites to play craps online for example, with compelling guides on how to play the game and even tips on the best strategies to win.

With these remakes of casino games, it’ll be hard to turn back to the real ones.

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