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To make your work more efficient, it’s better to buy custom plastic molds from trusted manufacturers like Immould. With over 50 years of experience in molding, they have the tools and expertise you need to make sure your products are exactly as you envisioned them, so that even the smallest details are right where you want them to be. What’s more, Immould offers free mold design services and 3D printing to help you visualize exactly how your product will turn out before any manufacturing begins, ensuring you get exactly what you want while eliminating costly mistakes along the way.

Decide on the shape you want

Getting the right type of mold is key to making a great product. This will make the material dry out evenly and without any voids on the surface. Depending on what shape you need, there are different types of shapes you can use for your product. These are square, rectangle, triangular, round or oval shaped. Knowing what size your mold should be will help ensure that you make something people want or need as well as not wasting your supplies.

When you making plastic molds for specific objects like electronics or other oddly shaped items, it may be necessary to modify the standard shapes listed above by drawing out all dimensions of that object in either centimeters or inches and figuring out how many square inches this item is.

Decide on the material you want to use

Mountain tree is a great resource for anyone looking for the best way to make plastic molds. They offer over 15 different materials, including silicon, steel and aluminum. Choose from these different materials based on your desired end-use and budget. And if you have any questions, their experts are always happy to help!

Choose the right molding process

When you’re deciding on the best way to create a mold for your product, there are many factors that you need to keep in mind. One of the most important considerations is what type of material you’ll be using. The process will vary depending on whether you want to create a silicone mold or an acrylic mold. Another major consideration is what shape your product will be—you have three main choices: cylindrical, rectangular, and round. Finally, when it comes time for creating the initial prototype or final product, how much detail do you need in your finished mold?

Design your mold

Making a mold is an excellent way for crafters to create replicas of their favorite items. If you have a design in mind that you would like to use, there are some things you will need to do in order to create the mold. The first step is gathering your materials. You will need silicone rubber, a release agent, and something called ‘mother mold’. The next step is pouring the silicone into the mother mold and applying release agent on the inside of the rubber. Once it has dried, paint or decorate it however you would like and seal it with spray lacquer. Let dry over night before cutting out your finished product!

Manufacture your mold

To manufacture your own mold, you’ll need a mountain tree with a trunk at least 1.5 inches in diameter. First, cut off the bark and then carve out the wood around the branch of your choice. Next, you’ll need to use a pocket knife or chainsaw to remove the wood that lies inside the branch. Finally, clean up all of the corners and excess wood with a chisel so that your mold is now ready for pouring!


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