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The Complete Guide To Buying Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed can make a huge difference in your life. There are so many options for adjustable beds on the market. How do you choose? Here are seven things you should consider.

1. What Is The Engineering Of Your Company?

Because it can move, perhaps no other furniture piece is as complicated as the adjustable foundation. What furniture can do more than move up and down, swivel, or turn? Higher-end bases can move in many different ways. This reclining bed will cost you a lot so be patient and compare the different options before making a decision.

2. What Science Was Involved In The Design?

Let’s say the base is of acceptable engineering. Next, we need to know how they created the positions and features. If the lumbar support has been specifically designed to align with the spine, it is useless. Does the massage feature just move the bed or does it make a complex, traveling motion? Did scientists or doctors have input in the design of this bed? Examine the edges and seams of the bed to ensure that it has nice finishes, solid materials, and overall strength.

3. What Are Its Features?

An entry-level base will allow you to operate its head and foot. You should ensure that the operation is easy and that you can sleep in the positions that you prefer. Additional features such as adjustable massage levels and neck support are available on more sophisticated beds.

4. Split Adjustable Base, Or Not?

Split adjustable bases are a good option if you know you will be sharing your bed with someone else. You should ensure that the manufacturer includes two remotes for your bed so that you can each adjust the other side of your bed using your remote. Your mattress will be included in the equation if you choose a split adjustable base. Split King mattresses allow independent movement on both sides. They are two separate twin mattresses that have their domains. Split mattresses should be able to move with the foot area of the base if you prefer to cuddle while sleeping. Split bases can sometimes be found in Split Queen sizes, but most manufacturers offer them only in Split King.

5. Are You Looking To Make It Fit Into An Existing Bed Frame Or Do You Prefer It To Be Smaller?

Have a bed frame that you love? These adjustable bed bases are specifically made to fit into standard bed frames. These adjustable bed bases are compact and have crossbars that can be moved around to facilitate this. You can also choose from different leg heights and adjustable bed risers to make your cool top mattress the right height.

6. Apps And Remotes Enhance The Experience

An easy-to-use remote is a must for any adjustable base. It’s a bonus if it’s backlit. Wireless is a different story. Manufacturers realize you can’t have enough charging stations so they have created a remote cradle that charges your phone as well. Ask your salesperson to show you the company’s smartphone application if you are interested in more complex operations.

7. Who About Your Bed Service, Warranties, And Reputation?

In recent years, many companies have entered the adjustable bed market looking to make quick money without much knowledge about power beds. Avoid them. A power bed is an expensive piece of equipment. It is a complex piece of equipment, with moving parts, electronics, and a motor. You want to make sure that you are dealing with a company that has built many electric beds and is known for their reliability. A great bed warranty is a sign of a strong power base.

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