The Extraordinaire: IWC Ingenieur Constant Force Tourbillon

A watch has journeyed itself through time, from the simple purpose for telling the hour and minutes, its functionality has evolved, along with the style and comfort it provides the wearer. Moreover, watches had become a permanent piece in men’s lifestyle. Consequently, it is a serious matter when it comes to selecting timepieces for themselves. It becomes a critical scenario wherein thorough and serious decision-making is required. This article will provide valuable information regarding this timepiece and why they should get it for their next purchase. 

Background of IWC Ingenieur Watches

The International Watch Company (IWC) is a Swiss luxury brand established in 1868. It is a prominent name in the watchmaking industry, credited to its fearless and high aspiration – to infuse old-world artistry with modern-day manufacturing techniques. Among its signature pieces are the Pilot’s Watches and the Portugieser and Portifino, Da Vinci, and Aquatimer. Ingenieur watches are among the products of this innovative spirit and superb craftsmanship from the International Watch Company (IWC).

Get to know more about IWC Ingenieur Constant Force Tourbillon

The IWC Ingenieur Constant Force Tourbillon is more accessible yet remains costly regarding prices in the market. This premium watch is a more affordable version of the first Constant Force Tourbillon caliber. The creation of this watch targeted one of the significant challenges in mechanical timekeeping–accuracy. IWC achieved this by solving the problem of inconsistent release of power.

After 10 years of extensive research, development, and testing, a team of engineers, designers, and watchmakers, IWC found a solution to this problem. Thus, giving life to IWC Ingenieur Constant Force Tourbillon. 

Features of IWC Ingenieur Constant Force Tourbillon

IWC unveiled the Constant Force Tourbillon as the flagship of the Ingenieur collection. Its notable features are its big, bold, and platinum case, IWC’s caliber 94800 movements, dark dial, power reserve, and a black crocodile leather strap.

The case is made of platinum and ceramics, which is 46 mm. It features a fascinating mechanical display of the constant force tourbillon and magnificent dial. Other features that might make you swoon over this watch are the subdials and moon phase. The three subdials break the conventional 3,6,9 layout. These subdials are positioned at 1,4,9, an obvious twist from the standard layout. Moreover, the subdials get their inspiration from dashboard instruments resulting in the subdials protruding into the bezel. Thus, it emphasizes the sporty vibe of the watch.

While the moon phase showcases 2 moons, one represents the southern and the other the northern hemisphere. These will make you attract you to glance more at your watch. The ideas and effort exerted to create these moons are highly artistic and realistic at the same time. In a closer look, the brand used a unique 3-laser technique to replicate the Moon’s surface. Through blemishes and careful selection of color, the brand achieved the realistic appearance of tiny craters and the Moon. The outer ring of the totalizer holds the countdown display showing the number of days left before the next full Moon.

The Tourbillon case holds the constant force mechanism. This uses an uncoupling of escapement from the gear train, which maintains the amplitude balance. At the same time keeps the watch rate near constant. 

Meanwhile, you can find the 94800 caliber through a transparent case-back. The hand-winding IWC constant force tourbillon possesses approximately 96 hours of power reserve. It beats at 18000 A/H. The watch uses 43 jewels that add on its value. The platinum model costs USD 380,000, while its rose gold variant is priced at USD 340,000.

Some Interesting facts about the Ingenieur

1. Robust, Powerful, and Iconic

The Ingenieur fame was unstoppable and became an iconic timepiece during the Gerald Genta era. IWC Ingenieur is the answer of IWC to the tool watch. Its anti-magnetic case and its practical design make it popular among watch enthusiasts.

Furthermore, this timepiece sits on the same level of fame and confidence received from users as Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, the Vacheron Constantin Overseas, and Patek Philippe’s Nautilus. 

2. 1976 – The Rebirth 

In 1954, IWc launched Ingenieur to answer IWC’s Technical Director Albert Pellaton’s desire to devise a method to protect the label’s delicate movements from magnetism. 1976 marked its rebirth in a brand-new style as redesigned by the renowned Gérald Genta. The appearance of this watch changed significantly.

3. A new breed of Ingenieur watches

The year 2012 is another breakthrough for IWC. The brand announced its partnership with Mercedes AMG, resulting in a new line within the Ingenieur family. The motorsports-themed sports watch was offered to the market.

In a Nutshell 

IWC is consistent in creating timepieces to address issues regarding comfort, functionality, and accuracy. The Ingenieur collection is no exception. In each watch are the company’s work of art, the latest technology, and its legacy in the industry to which it belongs. Furthermore, it displays strength, consistency, wisdom, and dependabilityqualities fitting for a man. This is exactly how the IWC built the Ingenieur Constant Force Tourbillon.


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