The Frequent Car accidents Within Arizona Have Been a Serious Issue

Even though traffic in Arizona isn’t as bad as it is in other big cities, the roads there are not safe. Even though traffic deaths have gone down recently, the number of people killed in car accidents keeps going up and is now at a new high. There are more risks for drivers in Arizona than in other parts of the country. Even though Arizona’s roads aren’t the worst, they are more dangerous than average. Even when it’s not raining or snowing, drivers in this state are still at risk.

Roads with Trucks

Arizona is in the middle of the pack when it comes to the number of trucks. The city is in the middle of the two states with the most people, Texas and California. Also, trucks going from the border with Mexico to the rest of the United States pass through Arizona. Truck traffic in Arizona has been steady for a long time, but only recently has it jumped. Since online shopping became popular, the number of trucks on the road has grown a lot. Because there aren’t enough truck drivers, trucking companies can’t move their goods.

The number of trucks on the roads has gone up because retailers like Walmart and Amazon have built massive new distribution centers in Arizona. One of the biggest Walmart distribution centers globally is in the Arizona suburb of Casa Grande. If it seems like Walmart trucks are everywhere, you’re probably right. You can Hire the Sun City Truck Accident Attorneys for any accident-related issues. They will handle your case with the most professional lawyers and you can have a reliable solution.

Because there are more cars on the road, truck drivers are more dangerous, especially if they don’t have enough training or experience. Because of their size and weight, drivers must share the road with these vehicles. Many trucks drive straight through Arizona , which slows down traffic and makes it harder for local drivers to keep their attention on the road. But that doesn’t stop truck drivers from speeding up to make up for lost time and drive more before they have to stop for a break.

Dangers on the Highway

The number of deaths on urban roads in Arizona is much higher than on the average highway in the state. There were 207 fatal accidents on Valley roads in the last two years. So, every five days, a new one will be put out. One study found that the number of deaths on Arizona’s urban highways and freeways is 61 percent higher than the national average.

Even though most Arizona’s urban freeways are wide, these numbers are still hard to understand. There are plans to build eight lanes on I-10 in the city. So, roads with more than one lane might cause people to drive in unsafe ways. These are especially dangerous when they involve reckless driving, speeding, and switching lanes without warning. I-17 north of Arizona  is known for being a dangerous road.

Arizona highway accidents happen more often because of careless driving than traffic jams. According to statistics, more than half of all traffic deaths happen between Friday and Sunday when there is less traffic. Even though you can control what you do, you can’t do anything about a careless driver who doesn’t care about your safety.

In the Arizona area, there are a lot of roads. Even though public transportation is getting better in the Valley, cars are still the best way to get around. Because of this, Arizona has become a vast city that keeps growing into the desert, making it hard to get around. There are more than 4,000 miles of roads in Arizona alone. Several nearby towns and cities are left out of this calculation.

Angry drivers

Arizona also has a big problem with people getting angry on the road. In recent years, people behind the wheel have become more aggressive, which has made the problem even worse. The norm for these people will be to drive dangerously and put other drivers in danger. There have been several shootings because of road rage in the Arizona area.


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