The Importance of Increasing Student Access to Industry Tools

Students are the future of industry and innovation. Bright young minds are currently studying to create the next big thing in tech, medicine, business, and education. They are working to find new insights and create new ideas that could shape and change the world for generations to come. But they can’t make all those discoveries on their own. If students are really going to change the world, they need the right tools to do it.

Especially within the tech industry, you need the best data science and business intelligence tools if you want to succeed. Companies like TIBCO are dedicated to putting the power of advanced analytics in students’ hands across the country. By studying data analytics and understanding software tools early on, students turn into bright analysts with a bright future. It is essential to put these industry tools in the hands of young people early on. It prepares them for a future within their business, can improve the analytics systems, and creates loyal software users. Let’s dive deeper into why increased access to data science tools can greatly benefit students as new users.

Set students up for success.

Data sources and visualizations help students better understand what they are studying and lead to new data discovery in real-time. The best way to set students up for success in the classroom and beyond is with free TIBCO software. With the help of TIBCO Spotfire, students will be able to dive deeper into data visualization, learn about predictive analytics with real-time examples, and see how connectors operate within the integration. And the best part is that Spotfire is a free educational license. You can sign up online with a valid education email address and receive access to these systems for a full year. Take advantage of the insights provided, and see how TIBCO Spotfire can help you learn and grow within your education.

Help them prepare for a future in the industry.

When you go to school for tech, you are learning many systems that could be changing and growing over the next several decades. Big data is constantly being processed differently, and there are new offerings for data analytics constantly coming to light. The good news is that current data visualization and predictive analytics will help you prepare for the future of tech. The sooner students are exposed to the TIBCO software and other dashboards, the more familiar they can be with the technology when they get out into the real world. An analyst needs to know all about installing and understanding their systems. That confidence comes from practice and years of experience. By getting them involved now, you are providing those hours of practice that are invaluable when applying for jobs.

They may be able to help improve your analytics.

Bright young minds think about things differently. By exposing them to TIBCO and other software right off the bat, they may even be able to identify issues and think of innovative solutions that can help your dashboard’s future. A truly collaborative relationship can allow you both to grow and thrive while continuing to offer TIBCO support in the areas they need it.

Once they’re committed to your systems, they’ll use them forever.

With any visualization or analytics software, there is a lot of competition out there. You want to be the best of the best and have multiple users for your systems. By providing certain editions of your TIBCO Spotfire to students, you may be gaining a client for life. They will appreciate your generosity and become dependent on your systems. This will create a loyal customer for life that will be a huge advocate for TIBCO software.


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