The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia, a land of rich history and the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, is blessed with abundance. It has a strategic position and many resources. Now, His Royal Highness and the Crown Prince of the Kingdom aspire to take this nation to another height altogether.

True to the cause, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has devised yet another reform to serve its people. Vision 2030 aims to utilize its geographic, strategic, cultural, and social advantages to advance the economy and living conditions of Saudi Arabia. It also aims to encourage tourists and pilgrims to visit Saudi Arabia. The vision consists of three main pillars.

Vision 2030

The vision was drawn by His Royal Highness and the Crown Prince themself. It consists of three main pillars. Namely:

  1. A vibrant society
  2. A thriving economy
  3. An ambitious nation

Each pillar has two overarching objectives. Which, in turn, have 6 branch objectives. Furthermore, each branch objective has 3 strategic objectives. Therefore, this vision has a total of:

  1. 6 overarching objectives
  2. 27 branch objectives and
  3. 96 strategic objectives.

These objectives are the level 1, 2, and 3 of the vision in descending order.

Objectives of Vision 2030

A Vibrant Society

Saudi Arabia has a strong cultural and religious history. Its geography and history make it the heart of the Islamic world. Besides, the Kingdom wishes to strengthen various social institutions such as family and education. They are optimistic that with the people on their side and Allah’s grace Saudi Arabia can become an empowered nation with a solid national identity.

Thriving Economy

Although the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is already one of the top 20 biggest economies globally, its ambitions are even higher. Saudi Arabia aspires to be at an even higher ranking despite the economic slowdown due to the pandemic. The plan aims to assist and enable businesses to invest in sectors other than oil and gas. Thus, diversifying the economy. Saudi Arabia plans to utilize its crucial geographical location and establish new trade partnerships. Soon it will start a new phase of industrialization.

An Ambitious Nation

Society is ever-changing. Therefore to meet the ceaseless demands and trials of society, there’s always some change occurring. Roles and duties are constantly shifting. Running a smooth society demands integrity, accountability, and transparency. Resultantly, every citizen, regardless of which sector they work in, is expected to contribute to the progress of society.


Saudi Arabia is the heart of the Islamic world, a hub of trade, and an investment powerhouse. Its vision 2030 integrates three main objectives, which along with its strategic advantages, enable Saudi Arabia to claim one of the top positions in the global economy.


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