The magnificent Mai Chau, Vietnam You must visit on your next trip to Vietnam

Among Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is acknowledged for its friendly environment and diverse food as well as tourist spots. One of the favorite places for tourists to go. It is a great country to explore the beauty of Nature. They have many soothing sights to enjoy your vacation and let you have a relaxed mind on your trip. Always a great option to visit solo, with friends, family, or your loved ones.

One of the villages of Vietnam, Mai Chau three hours’ drive from Hanoi is an easy escape from your daily busy life. Mai Chau is located in a rural valley with towering cliffs and a uniquely relaxing environment for you to have peaceful sightseeing.

Two days is the minimum to explore this place but it would be suggested that you can go there for some more days to enjoy the most of Mai Chau.

You can do a lot of things in Mai Chau, 

It is one of the two homestay tourism villages, Lac and pom Coong, in both villages the villagers offer subtle accommodation in the stilt houses at the mountain tops. A homestay there is a must to feel the commoner’s life. If you are a lover of aesthetic pieces that involve culture, you must shop from the locals that wove fabrics with skills gained from their ancestors. Cycling between the narrow roads and between the mountains is a great way for you to find a place just to enjoy the gentle breeze and look at the sky. Trekking is a must-have for you, it would be such a waste if you are going to a place full of mountains and not going for a trek.

Try having some food with locals, they will let you know the history and their view on life.

Locals try their best to help the visitors.

Now let us tell you an interesting way to go there, the Vietnam motorbike tours, yes you heard us right, it is easier for you to take this private transport as the roads are not suitable for direct public transport. You have to take different transport from time to time to finally get there. So It’s most convenient to try this method.

Why should you have these motorcycle tour packages?? 

As a country of Motorcycles, Vietnamese youngsters have taken the initiative to provide their visitors with comfortable rides to their desired places. There are many Motorbike trip Vietnam clubs to provide you with the best service no matter which package you are taking. they take responsibility of your safety. Ride like this is a dream of many riders who not only likes to travel but knows how to enjoy the scenic view with freedom while they let the breeze rush through their soul. Always Check the Clubs packages and deals, they will give you a guide to let you know the history and routes of the places. It is also a great way to connect with other riders on the way.


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