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How much does a soccer score bet cost-is a question that many people are especially interested in when they first start playing soccer. So for today New 88 Explaining what soccer score betting is and information surrounding popular betting methods today to you.

What are soccer scores?

Betting on the score means the player will have to bet on the final score of the soccer match. The winning amount is determined according to the house rate given in the previous betting table.

For soccer betting, the main score is very important. Currently, the odds of winning the score are evaluated in a simple form of betting today. So there is a large number of football players participating in the game. You will win the bet if you correctly guess the soccer match score. And on the contrary, if the prediction is not correct, the bet is considered a loss.

Depending on each type of bet, there will be different calculations.

How much does it cost to bet on football scores?

In order to attract players, the current bookmakers’ odds are different, so the actual winnings of players will also be different. Currently, European odds and Asian odds are the most popular types of odds. . Below is how to calculate how much a soccer score bet is for Asian odds.

How much does it cost to get a score of 2 1?

What is the 1/2 soccer bet? With these odds, the top team handicaps the bottom half first and wins. If the two teams tie, the player will not receive a refund. If you bet on the upper hand to win exactly as the result will win, you will win all the money, whoever bet on the lower hand will lose money.

For example: For the match Vietnam vs Thailand. The selected bet score is 2 1 and Vietnam is the winning team, then after the match, if Vietnam wins 2 1, you will win the bet. Let’s take an example if the bookmaker assigns odds of 9.00 for a score of 2/1. Then the money received is equal to the bet amount multiplied by 9.00. Through this, if you bet 1 USD, you will receive 9 USD, or win 8 USD.

How much does it cost to get a score of 4 1?

For 4 1 bets, when the match time ends and the two teams still have a tie score, the player who bets on the upper team to win will lose half of the money to the lower team. There are also cases where the amount of money is collected by the house according to the regulations of each course. As follows:

  • If two teams tie, it means you will lose half of your money. On the contrary, you will lose all your bet money when the underdog team wins.
  • If brothersrecharge If you bet on the underdog team, you will win money if you win against the upper team. If you lose, you will lose all your money. In case the two teams tie, you will get half the money.

How much to win if the score is 2.25?

2/2.5 handicap is also known as 2.25 handicap. With this type of bet, the upper team handicaps the lower team with a handicap of 2.25 goals. With a handicap of 2.25 left, it shows an extremely large difference between the two teams.
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  • If the upper team wins the lower team with a difference of 3 goals or more with scores like 3-0, 4-1, 4-0, 5-2,… whoever bets on the upper will win all the money. Players who bet on the underdog will lose all their money.
  • If the underdog wins or draws with the overdog, the player who bets on the underdog will win money proportionally. Anyone who bets on the upper hand will lose all their money.

Share your current effective betting experiences

Choose a tournament you understand well: you should choose a match in a tournament you really understand to make it easier to make accurate predictions. Please watch many different matches, so your chances of winning will be improved and soccer betting will be easier.

Choose a team that you understand: choose the team you love, because when you like it, you will definitely learn and understand best the real situation of that team, from there make a decision. the most accurate bet determination.

Train your ability to predict results: To increase your chances of winning, you should not rely on luck but you need to practice hard and gain experience. Predicting the results before betting will help improve your ability to bet accurately.

Bet definitively: take the time to learn about a match to avoid rambling because there is a lot of information online that is distracting. At the same time, do not bet big or go all-in, but need a clear strategy. Avoid bookmakers’ traps by eliminating options with too high reward rates and choosing reputable bookmakers.


How much does it cost to bet on football scores – Above are shares about the hottest types of football bets on betting floors today. Hopefully the football information that  New88 shares will help you improve your confidence when participating in football betting at any match and any house.


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