The Most Popular UK TV Shows Of All Time 

Recent research from Betway Casino has shown that UK TV exports made a whopping £1.48 billion in revenue in the last year. With such tremendous figures expected to rise, now seems like a good time to take a trip down memory lane.

Some of the most popular British television shows are some of the world’s best, including Doctor Who and Sherlock. From science fiction to comedy, British television consistently raises the bar for what constitutes excellent TV. Here are a few of the most famous UK TV series ever created.

Top Gear

“Top Gear” takes a fun take on motors, testing and evaluating them through a series of tests and challenges by its hosts. Episodes frequently include bombastic and, at times, amusing segments with a variety of guest stars.

“Top Gear” was once notorious for bringing celebrities to perform timed runs on courses, with “The Stig,” an anonymous and experienced test driver, being introduced in the series.

The show has sparked international versions in other countries, including China and the United States, since its start.

Doctor Who 

The Doctor is a Time Lord who flies about in his time machine, the TARDIS, to explore and rescue people throughout time and space, frequently with a changing cast of human and alien friends.

The Doctor’s capacity to regenerate – or alter his physical appearance – has resulted in more than a dozen actors playing the role throughout the years. The “Doctor Who” series has previously held the title of most prolific sci-fi show in terms of aired episodes.


Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Sherlock Holmes in this wildly popular take on the classic detective tales. The series transports the famous Victorian-era character into today’s world, where he solves mysteries with his close friend and flatmate Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman).

Line Of Duty 

Det. Inspector Steven Arnott (Martin Compston) is a former firearms officer who has been transferred to a new anti-corruption unit because he did not cover up an unjust shooting by his team.

The conclusion of series 9 sees DI Tom Barnaby (David Tennant) working with his new partner, Detective Chief Inspector Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure), to expose police corruption. The long-running drama continues to peel back the layers on parts of the organization.

Downton Abbey 

The Crawley family’s story spans from the 1910s to the 1930s, focusing on life from their wealthy station. They reside in Downtown Abbey, a beautiful Yorkshire mansion, and experience a series of events over the course of the series that affect them and their surroundings. The Titanic’s sinking and World War I are real-life occurrences depicted in this. 

Planet Earth

In the summer of 2006, a one-hour series based on David Attenborough’s book “The Living Planet” aired on BBC. Each episode of the nature documentary describes a different ecosystem, from tropical rainforests to polar ice caps. Ten years later, Attenborough returned once again with an upgraded version of Planet Earth. The BBC has since been licensed to 154 nations.

With so many UK TV shows ready and waiting to be watched, you certainly won’t feel stuck for choice!


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