The Pros And Cons Of Buying An Inflatable Kayak In Australia

An inflatable kayak in Australia has many advantages over its hard-shell cousins. They offer a number of benefits that make them transportable, easy to setup and use, as well as much more affordable. During the hot summer days, many flock to the great outdoors to make the most of the sunlight. A favourite for anyone is going to a body of water and swimming. An inflatable kayak in Australia is a great choice for such an occasion, as it allows you to traverse water in a fun way, whilst getting some physical exercise. Many people would opt for hard-shell products, as they are the most well-known. While these are great products to use and definitely serve their purpose, their lesser known cousins are also a great choice for those who don’t want to commit to the full price that a hard-shell product may ask for. These products are typically much more expensive due to the material used in their design, and require much more maintenance and different items for transportation and setting up.

Here are some of the pros and cons of buying an inflatable kayak in Australia.

Easy to store and transport

An inflatable kayak in Australia is easy to store and transport due to the nature of their design. They are made to be blown up when used, and then deflated afterwards. This can turn the product into a compact item which can be stored in a garage, a box, a car and so on. It is easy to store an inflatable kayak in Australia, and move it around to where you want it to be. This is in stark contrast to the hard-shell product, which needs a large space to be stored. It also requires some form of roof racks on a vehicle to be transported. This requires some heavy lifting onto the vehicle and off it again.


An inflatable kayak in Australia is very affordable, and is much more affordable compared to hard-shell products. For those who only use this product for recreational purposes, the opportunity to use it may only come a few times a year. It doesn’t make financial sense to purchase an expensive hard-shell product which can set you back a significant amount, when you are only going to use it a few times a year. An inflatable kayak in Australia means you still get to enjoy the use of this type of product when you want to, but you can have it for a much more affordable price.

They are not as fast

A con that comes with the use of an inflatable kayak in Australia is that they are not as fast as a hard-shell product. A hard-shell product will typically have a sleeker and streamlined design. Consequently, they are much faster than an inflatable kayak in Australia and work better for this purpose. For those looking for speed, possibly for racing or competitive events, a hard-shell product would suit much better. Its counterpart is better suited for recreational purposes and for easy use, rather than for competitive events and races.

Overall, an inflatable kayak in Australia has many pros that accompany its use. These pros include its ease of transportation and setup and its affordability. However, they are not as fast as its hard-shell cousin, and this should be considered. An inflatable kayak in Australia is better suited for recreational purposes, rather than for competitions and for racing. These factors must be considered before purchasing.

If you are considering buying a product like this for use in water, then consider carefully, as you can save money and time through the right choice depending on your requirements.


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