The Risks And Benefits Of Playing Bitcoin Slots


Bitcoin is a growing trend that needs to be addressed by all casinos that wish to embrace bitcoin as a form of payment. A bitcoin slot game is a perfect way to attract bitcoin users. The more bitcoin slots a casino has, the more people will use cryptocurrency as a payment method. It has some potential risks though, read on to find out more information about bitcoin slots and the benefits that bitcoiners stand to gain.

Bitcoin Slots Explained 

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency, which only came into existence in 2009, but has quickly taken over as a new payment method for transactions both on and offline. The bitcoin itself can be used to make payments for things like flights, hotel accommodation, and even 3D printed prosthetics. This growing trend is something that all bitcoin users have to deal with and it’s about time that bitcoin casinos see the advantages of bitcoin slots as a way to bring bitcoiners onto their platform.

When playing bitcoin slots it seems like you’re just going through the same motions like any other slot machine but what sets bitcoin slots apart is the fact that bitcoin users are able to withdraw their assets directly from their casino account. Some of these crypto gambling platforms have pay-outs of approximately 98% which is just another reason for users to start playing bitcoin slots, as it’s almost impossible for them to lose anything financially by choosing this route.

Bitcoin slots offer an entirely bitcoin-friendly approach to playing real money slots. While games are still in their relative infancy there’s no reason why users can’t enjoy bitcoin slots and gain all the benefits that come with them.

One of the main reasons why bitcoin slots are so popular is because gambling sites offer crypto games with progressive jackpots. These are games that give you the chance to win BTC every second by hitting jackpot which gets bigger and bigger as more players add funds to it.

If you like bitcoin casino games, then playing crypto slots is actually a pretty safe bet since they pay out more often than traditional blackjack or roulette. This is because the house edge on bitcoin slots is about 0.8% while it’s between 2-5% for other games that involve some luck.

Another positive aspect of playing bitcoin slots is that you can go at your own pace, unlike games where there is a time limit in place. This is why bitcoin slots are perfect for beginners and bitcoin veterans alike.

When it comes to crypto gameplay, real bitcoin casino reviews are the best place to start since they can tell you everything you need to know about slots. Some games available at bitcoin casinos support free play while others require you to deposit coins before playing.

Since bitcoin games have a house edge crypto casinos do not usually offer free slots. If you would like to play bitcoin slots for free then your best option would be to deposit BTC and ask the casino to support what they recommend. However, some crypto gambling platforms, such as N1 Casino Bet, provide a chance to play bitcoin slots with minimum or no expense due to bonuses and promotions. 

Risks of Playing Bitcoin Slots

Most bitcoin slot games are not registered with any particular regulatory authority. This is because they come with a decentralized nature that does not require one specific bitcoin casino to be in charge of it. Among other risks related to bitcoin slots are the following:

  • Full anonymity is provided. This means that bitcoin slot game players may not be able to know who they are playing with, making them vulnerable to scammers and cheaters who use bitcoin slots as primary tools in carrying out their scams.
  • Since bitcoin slots do not require casino licensing or registration, they can be used for scams. Scammers and cheaters may create crypto gambling websites that look like bitcoin casinos to steal players’ funds and personal information.
  • Bitcoin slots have no specific rules on how they are played, making players susceptible to cheating. There are cases of cheaters who rig bitcoin slots machines to make them lose when they should win and win when they should lose.
  • Players are not protected against casinos’ wrongdoing. Crypto gambling websites could be hacked by criminals who steal bitcoin wallet data and passwords.
  • Bitcoin slot games are highly profitable to casino affiliates because they allow them to take advantage of their popularity and troll for new players. 

Benefits of Playing Bitcoin Slot Games

Playing bitcoin slots is a great way to earn BTC and enjoy slot games at the same time. Here are some other benefits:

  • You can play bitcoin slots without having a bitcoin wallet; 
  • Bitcoin slots are legal, so you can enjoy slot games without any risk;
  • Bitcoin slot games are based on innovative technology, which results in bigger winnings for players;
  • Bitcoin slots give bonuses that regular online slot machines don’t;
  • Bitcoin casinos offer better odds than most slot machines that you find offline; 
  • Crypto gambling sites offer bitcoin slots that you can’t find anywhere else.  


Bitcoin slot games resemble traditional casinos slots. However, they have great jackpots that start off small but turn into large pools of BTC if you hit them. These jackpots grow as more players deposit funds into them. Thus, such games allow getting real coins that you can use however you want. But gambling is a risky business even if you deal with crypto. 


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