Things to do in Hikkaduwa

Heavenly Hikkaduwa is a resort town that has a unique character and is appreciated for its pristine beaches, first-rate surfing spots, and lip-smacking seafood. It is also a world-famed surf paradise and offers plenty of things to do for every kind of traveler, whether you are a skilled surfer on the hunt for the best waves or a beach lover looking to relax on the shore.

If you are already planning your Sri Lanka trip around Hikkaduwa, here are 06 best activities to enjoy.

1.Snorkeling in Hikkaduwa

Snorkeling stands out among the other water sports in Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa offers a magnificent coastal area to relish the vibrant life under the sea through snorkeling. You can snorkel very close to the shore at Hikkaduwa in shallow water, not more than 4m deep. The reef shields a spread of wonderful coral which is populated by richly colorful reef fish.

2.Swim at Hikkaduwa Beach

The mesmerizing Hikkaduwa beach is the very best place for swimmers where you can swim to your heart’s content in crystal clear water. If you are lucky, you will be accompanied by giant sea turtles who would swim beside you. A popular beach area is Laguna, the beach without waves which is ideal for safe swimming as the water is shallow and surrounded by coral reefs which makes it safe even for children.

3.Glass-bottom boat ride

While snorkeling is a wonderful way to take a close look at sea life, riding on a glass-bottom boat is perfect to explore the same from above. It’s a must to include this on your Sri Lanka tour itinerary and these see-through-bottom boats are available on the main beach for hire. You can paddle them alone and grasp a view of the world under the water, all by yourself if you so wish.

4.Surfing in Hikkaduwa

No doubt, Hikkaduwa is a surf paradise. Anyone experiencing Hikkaduwa surf will instantly recognize what an incredible surf town it is.  It’s popular among surfers around the globe due to its great surf conditions, warm water, low rates, and great surf spots. The waves are super consistent, and they break at a level which is conducive to surfers of any skill level. North Jetty, Main Reef, Benny’s, and Beach Break are some of the main surfing spots in Hikkaduwa. To ensure perfect swell conditions, visit between December and March.

5.Baby sea turtles

The ideal place to witness sea turtles being released to the ocean on your Sri Lanka trip is Hikkaduwa. There are turtle hatcheries you can visit and get a glimpse of this beautiful sight! Hatching usually happens during the summer and the babies take about 3-7 days to emerge. The most popular turtle species in Sri Lanka are the Leatherback turtle, Olive Riley, Green turtle, and Loggerhead turtle. Watching the baby turtles find their way to the ocean is an experience of a lifetime in your Sri Lanka Trip .

Seafood and Restaurants

Hikkaduwa is ideal to enjoy your vacation with fresh seafood and nightlife at top-rated hotels and restaurants. The most popular menu items in Hikkaduwa are fish, prawns and crabs. Most restaurants in Hikkaduwa prepare mouthwatering seafood and it’s a must-visit destination for foodies. JLH Beach Restaurant, Surfer’s Rest, Coral Gardens, Amaya Reef, and Happy Banana are some of the amazing restaurants to get the real seafood experience In Sri Lanka.

Enough dreaming. Book your next Sri Lanka trip with Olanka Travels.  If you are seeking a coastal adventure or simply want to spend the entire vacation relaxing on the beach, Hikkaduwa is the perfect spot. You can plan your Sri Lanka tour itinerary for 5 days, 6 days or 12 days. Alternatively, beach lovers can request a custom tour exclusively in and around Hikkaduwa at luxurious beach hotels of choice.


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