Things Your Drivers License Can Do for You (Besides Allow You to Drive!)

Drivers ed is a key step for anyone looking to get their license and hit the road. While a driver’s license is necessary for those wanting to drive, it can also do much more than that. From helping you with banking to providing an extra layer of security. Here are a few things your driver’s license can do for you:

Receive Discounts

Having a valid driver’s license in your pocket can give you access to a variety of discounts. Some businesses offer discounts to customers who show valid driver’s licenses, such as car rental companies, hotels, and even some restaurants. Check with the establishment you’re visiting to see if they offer driver’s license holders discounts.

Open Bank Accounts

Many banks require customers to provide a valid driver’s license when they open a bank account. A driver’s license provides the bank with an extra layer of security and helps them verify the customer’s identity. Opening a bank account without a valid driver’s license can be challenging. Apply for one before opening a new account.


A driver’s license is a form of identification and can be used to prove your identity in different situations. This is useful when you’re traveling and need to show proof of identification. Many stores and businesses require customers to show their driver’s licenses when purchasing certain items. 

Secure Jobs

A valid driver’s license opens up potential job opportunities requiring vehicle use.  Delivery drivers, taxi drivers, or courier service jobs require a valid driver’s license. A valid license can open up job opportunities in transportation where employers hire drivers to transport freight or other materials. It can also open up opportunities in the tourism industry, such as tour guides or chauffeurs.

Stay Safe

A driver’s license helps you stay safe in certain situations. When traveling in a foreign country, having your driver’s license on you can be a good idea. It proves your identity if authorities stop you. Having a valid driver’s license may help you avoid certain legal trouble if the police pull you over.

Emergency Contact

Since it contains details about your health and legal status, your driver’s license is helpful in an emergency. By glancing at your license, law enforcement and medical personnel may be able to identify and assist you if you are hurt in an accident.

Your license assists hospital personnel in starting the admissions procedure. It assists law enforcement in informing your relatives about your injuries. If you suddenly pass away, your license informs medical personnel if you are an organ donor or not.

Verify Your Age

A driver’s license verifies your age when buying age-restricted products. Many establishments, such as bars and clubs, require customers to show their driver’s licenses. This proves they are of legal drinking age. Businesses have these security measures to check that only adults consume alcohol.

Identification for Voting

Depending on your jurisdiction, certain types of state-issued licenses can be used as a form of identification for voting. A driver’s license can be used to register to vote and to confirm your identity when you go to the polls.

In other states, you need to present additional documents to vote, such as a passport or birth certificate. Check the specific requirements for your state before heading to the polls so that you can be prepared with the appropriate documents.

Some states allow you to register to vote online. Many of these online registration processes accept driver’s licenses as a form of identification. If your state allows online registration, use your license to register to vote.

Access Your Credit Report

A driver’s license can be used to access your credit report. When applying for a loan or credit card, provide your driver’s license to access your credit report. It helps lenders verify your identity and assess your credit risk.

Register for Drivers Ed

A driver’s license is much more than just a way to get on the road. It may allow you to open bank accounts and prove your identity. It may assist in securing jobs, staying safe in certain situations, verifying your age, and accessing your credit report. To get your license, take a drivers ed course to get the preparation and training you need to be safe on the road.

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