Tips For Leaving Your Dog At Home

Although you might not like the idea – and your dog certainly won’t – sometimes you’ll need to leave your beloved pet alone for a while. This might be because you want to go somewhere and do something where pets aren’t allowed, or perhaps you work outside the home. You might even be going on vacation. No matter what the reason for needing to leave your dog on their own, it’s wise to ensure they are going to be happy and safe while you’re gone. If you’re consistently away it may be wise to use a dog daycare, where your dog can get adequate care and much needed social interactions with other dogs and people. This is necessary all the time, but dogs need to interact and play so think about mixing up days at home and days with a doggy day-care or boarding facility. Read on for some tips about leaving your dog at home alone.

Make Sure They Are Safe

The most essential thing you can do when you need to leave your dog alone is to make sure they are safe. How you do this will be contingent on your dog and your own personal feelings about where they should be allowed while you’re out. Some people choose to leave their dog in a crate, for example, although this is not something everyone is comfortable with. Remember, if you do opt for this, they should not be left in the crate for any more than four hours.

If you choose not to use a crate, then make sure the dog can only access the rooms you want them to access. Keep doors closed and use baby gates to create a boundary. If they have access to the yard through a doggy door, you can use an invisible fence for dogs to keep them in the areas you are happy for them to go in and ensure they don’t run off while you’re gone.

Leaving your dog at home can be a worrisome experience for many pet owners. However, there are alternative solutions that ensure the safety and happiness of your beloved pet while you’re away. One such option is to consider dog boarding services. For those residing in Naples, Florida, choosing a reputed facility like dog boarding Naples FL found at Ruffgers will provide your furry friend with a comfortable, safe, and loving environment, giving you peace of mind during your time apart.

Leave Background Noise

Dogs can get rather lonely when you aren’t there, and when they are lonely, they might start to misbehave out of frustration. This can lead to them chewing furniture, ripping up cushions and carpets, and generally being naughty in your home.

Something that often helps is to leave some background noise on for them. This will keep them satisfied until you can return. Leaving the radio on is a great idea, as it’s not something that will cause any upset. The TV is another option, but if the dog can see the screen and the movements are fast, or there is a lot going on, this can cause them to react negatively and start barking and misbehaving.

Leave Enough Food And Water

Of course, as a responsible pet owner, you’re going to want to feed your dog and ensure they have enough water to keep them hydrated. When you go out, you need to make sure you leave enough of both for the duration of your time away, whether that’s just for an hour or for a whole day.

If you’re going to be gone for a few hours, make sure you fill more than one bowl of water, and always put the water on a mat to protect the floor underneath. When it comes to food, consider how long you’ll be gone and how many meals that means your dog might miss, and leave the appropriate amount of food out. There is always a chance that the dog will eat it all right away, but leaving it is better than letting them go hungry, because this can lead to poor behavior.


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