Tips for Moving Past Hard to Beat Bubble Shooter Levels

The advent of smartphones and the respective app store offered accessed using the operating system of these electronic devices have given us the best ways to spend leisure playing engaging games with exceptional user interfaces. Moreover, the app store has checked and secured these applications for safer download and outstanding playing experience. One such popular game taking the world of gamers by storm is bubble shooter.

This game has a unique concept where you can shoot down bubbles emerging from the top of your screen with a shooter creating bubbles. The same-colored bubbles get popped, and new bubbles arrive. If you fail to aim correctly, these bubbles accumulate and cause the pile to grow bigger. Interesting, isn’t it? Once you download bubble shooter and start playing, you will never stop enjoying this thrill.

Different levels of difficulty

Bubble Shooter is not just a game but a strategic arcade platform where you will have to plan your steps ahead and execute every level on the first attempt. The better you pop the bubbles with the shooter, the more you score.

These bubbles appear in a chaotic format. It is you who will find the patterns and utilize the different features of the shooter to shoot connected similar-colored bubbles to pop them. It seems easy as it sounds, but the difficult levels can make you think harder. It is like a puzzle where scattered bubbles will portray. Your keen eyes will find the hidden patterns and use the shooter to attempt to shoot them down.

The more you proceed with the levels, the more difficult they become. This is what gives the highest thrill for the gamers to enjoy. Getting past a difficult level gives the feeling of accomplishment, offering satisfaction. However, it also generates the urge to carry on with these levels and to create high scores to flaunt.

How to cross the difficult levels easily? Here is a few tips

  1. Understand the rules and features of the bubble shooter first

This is the first step of the game where you will have to learn what the bubble shooter is capable of. The shooter will create bubbles of different colors. The same-colored bubbles can be found in the stack coming down from the top line of the screen.

You will also get special bubbles originating from the same shooter or appearing in the stack. Utilize these power bubbles to destroy the pile and clear the screen for new bubbles to appear. You have to remember that the bubbles should not touch the bottom line where the shooter is. Your prime aim is to score until the time is up or you have crossed a certain limit defined by that level. Hence, get accustomed to the rules first to cross the hard levels using certain tricks.

  1. Takedown the hanging bubbles first

What is the biggest threat in a difficulty level in Bubble Shooter? The bubbles hanging like grapefruit from the top cause the biggest problem. These bubbles will not provide an even pile of same-colored bubbles to aim and burst. In fact, the bubbles in the front will hide those at the back from proper aiming with the shooter. Take care of these hanging bubbles right from the beginning and keep a clear distance between the last bubble and the shooter.

The free space between the hanging bubbles and the shooter decides the fate of the level. Don’t be hasty and start shooting bubbles as much as possible to create a pile of your own. This added pile will make the level more difficult. Just wait for the right bubble to appear. We can assume that you have already mastered the bank shots or the reflective shots to aim for a suitable bubble. Use your skills to drop the entire pile by aiming the right portion. Remember, you can pop a single bubble as well. Aim at the weakest point of the hanging pile and drop it! It’s that simple!

  1. Learn how to bank shot with the shooter

What is a bank shot? It is a special move that a player can use to reflect a bubble from the sides of the game panel. A bubble shot on the sides will reflect and land right on the aimed portion of the bubble stack coming down. This shot is, so far, the most important tip that helps you bend your shots to reach out a section of the pile you cannot approach directly.

The blank spaces in the difficult levels are the real threats. You need to fill up that space with bubbles and create a pile to pop. Most spaces within the pile are hidden by bunches of bubbles hanging in the front. Your skill of making a marvelous bank shot can solve the issue without any hassle.

Learn how to make bank shots at ease from the very beginning and master them. The better your bank shot skills become, the quicker you can complete the difficult levels in Bubble Shooter.

  1. Make decisions quicker

You will not get much time to think as the bubbles will keep emerging from the top layer. Make your decisions faster by locating the right bubbles to aim and attempt to burst. Your quick thinking will tell you which bubbles to aim first and proceed to the next level.

Most levels in this game app are time-based. Hence, your quick thinking will result in fast clearance of the bubble stacks coming down. Start making decisions faster to solve the difficult levels in no time.

Final words

Experts recommend focusing on the prime factors when purchasing a mobile fit for all kinds of gaming. The smoothest experience will help you build a better strategy and cross the difficult levels in Bubble Shooter without any hassle.

Follow these expert tips mentioned above to understand the dynamics of a hard level. Check the color of bubbles in your shooter and then proceed accordingly. Remember, all the challenging levels are made to be crossed. Keep patience and keep trying by following these tips.

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