Tips on how to rent a car in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, unlike many other sunny Caribbean places, has lots to offer as the resort territories, and we strongly suggest that all tourists rent a car at least for some days in order to explore the real Puerto Rico. Being assured to know that after a teaser tour around the island, you’ll be coming back for more extended visits. Renting a car is the most helpful method to examine this beautiful island, and it is pretty affordable. You can gain car rentals online for as limited as $13 per day with endless miles to ride around the island as much as your soul thirsts.

If you have a plan to explore the island, you can rent a car from Alamo in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and start your journey from the airport. The roads in Puerto Rico are in good condition and well-marked, with a good map you can take just about anyplace you desire to visit. Google Maps stays pretty reliable, but be cautious because Google Maps is not always modern, and from experience, some of the inner roads on Google Maps guide you to nowhere. We offer you to take a paper map to the car rental office or buy it. Before moving to the main island sights, we urge you to call the office, get directions, and ask about viable road obstacles or bypasses. Safety first!

The Tips You May Use

When seeking a car rental, charges will depend upon the tour season, the number of days, type of vehicle, rental area, and choice of the company. If you have a few minutes to do web research, you may end up finding some beautiful discounts online. Here are the recommended actions you can make when hunting for the desirable car that will protect your cash and likely bring you some available upgrades. We are experienced travelers, so read the following suggestions.

Last Minute Deals

There are many car rental offices in Puerto Rico, and you may discover some wonderful last-minute sales online by visiting nearby rental bureaus. Most last-minute chances are usually located online by the primary interstate car rental offices. You may review our site on last-minute deals for rental vehicles.

Find Promotions

Some passengers prefer to book cars in advance and make their voyage ideas conclude, if you’re a detailer, don’t fret. You can still gain some great bargains by using a few more breaths to do some online investigation. While online booking is so widespread, practically ever there you can get some excellent rental car advertisements. So, start searching!

Get a Car as A part of the Voyage Package

Many tour agencies offer premium voyage packages where rental cars are already included in the price. You can save up to $500 by using this opportunity. So, if the agency plans your vacation, ensure that renting a car is included in the price, and you will not pay twice when coming to the island.

Car Rental Affiliation Discounts

When booking, be assured to inspect this question thoroughly. Memberships such as AAA, AARP, and other clubs usually refund their affiliates when booking with several main car rental offices. The travelers can also sign up for loyalty associations at the major car rental corporations, which will provide you with free discounts and coins to apply for new-coming arrangements. The following car rental offices allow free memberships.

Pay by Credit Card

Monitor your credit card propositions. Some of them, like American Express, propose Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance, so you can keep money by not purchasing accident damage. Other bonuses combine trip points/miles when you handle your card to apply for booked travel.

Use Your Personal Insurance

It turned out that the insurance scam was a true problem. Provide a copy of your policy page and declarations page that says you are covered in PR. Most companies would like to make extra money from you, be careful.

Use Your License

Remember, Puerto Rico is part of the U.S., and you don’t even need a passport to fly there. You can drive with your inner license without worry. So, if any rental company wants to scam you saying you will need something else, just do not work with this company.

Parking in San Juan

San Juan’s deficit of effective public transportation and its almost overpriced taxis make the town a great space to possess your own wheels, but regard that the Viejo San Juan (Old San Juan) district is a complicated area to drive because of its small, overcrowded streets. Save the trouble of finding a parking place (and possibly landing a ticket) by parking in a paid garage and then exploring the old city on foot.

Consider Electronic Tolls

Puerto Rico provides an electronic tolling system on some roads called AutoExpreso, which is similar to E-Z Pass in the continent U.S. Tourists have mentioned that getting your transponder to evade paying the car rental company’s fee is not a decision and that some toll booths might not have a cash alternative for payment. Well, you have to affirm the transponder fee if your purpose is to drive broadly throughout the main island.

Carefully Plan Trips to the Neighbor Islands

While it is technically probable to move cars in a cargo ferry to the neighboring islands of Vieques and Culebra, some trip sites confirm that rental car offices usually forbid this in their rental contracts. Trying the ferry anyway is unsafe because trucks have priority over other vehicles when competing for boat space, and you may not be able to return as intended. Hence, it’s best to organize a tour of the islands at the start or conclusion of your vacation and rent an auto there if you need it.


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