Title IX and its serious repercussions on the Future of Accused

Title IX is the protective shield that can help many students to get the justice they seek against sexual assault by fellow students. At the same time, it is equally dangerous to some others, who can be victimized by false accusations and tortured for the rest of their lives. 

A Title IX charge should be considered very seriously by the parents of the accused of it can lead to very severe backlashes for the accused in the future if convicted. So approaching a Title IX attorney is the best option for defending the case for your beloved child who is falsely accused.

What exactly is Title IX?

A Title IX requires all the educational institutions receiving federal funding to safeguard their wards from sexual and gender-based violence. 

Title IX also requires the colleges to be constantly vigilant to avoid such instances of sexual assault. Otherwise, the millions of dollars of funding to a school/college from the federal system are adversely affected.

Most schools and colleges will try to cover up or get the Title IX charge concluded at the earliest. So while pursuing a Title IX charge, it is common to see that the school/college authorities are in a haste to conclude the case, and also the trial and verdict are heavily biased.

To bring an end to such atrocities, experienced Title IX attorneys can be of ultimate help. 

  • These attorneys are experts in guiding you through the Title IX charge from its beginning to end.
  • They can also help to reduce the negligence of the school/college authorities in dealing with the charge by issuing counter cases in court against the school/college. 

Consequences of Title IX conviction

Unlike any other charge that can be pressed against you while in school/college, Title IX is a very dangerous one. It has the power to take the accused out of the academic procedures for short and long periods, depending on the severity of the charge. 

The consequences of Title IX on an accused are as follows:

  • In reality, the students in question are being accused of rape. This can disintegrate the moral well-being and emotional stability of a young student.
  • The school has the authority to put the accused on temporary suspension until the case is finished.
  • The accused can be barred from attending class, dining, etc. with other students.
  • The accused has to go through strenuous hearings and trials which can affect their mental wellbeing.

Such grave consequences of the Title IX charge are to be understood and proper measures to be undertaken to safeguard your ward from such situations. Only an expert Title IX lawyer can help you.

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