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When pursuing anything in life, sometimes you just end up feeling lost, and that is perfectly natural. That feeling of desiderium can be related to career, family, personal life, a friend’s life, and so on, but today we will be talking about the best general career advice given by professionals and celebrities. 

Having a career is not only about professionalism and filling quotas, there is more to work than just simply performance. The key in pursuing your career is to balance a certain spirituality with that performance, in other words, finding a purpose behind all that work you’re putting in. 

Without purpose doing anything becomes a struggle, even brushing your teeth, and having the confidence to pursue that purpose is also crucial in maintaining a good relationship with working hard for your career to bloom into something more. 

We will be looking at professional and celebrity advice regarding this topic, namely the iconic Chadwick Boseman’s advice, who started his career playing Nathaniel Ray in Lincoln Heights

Let’s dive into how to advance your career in different ways. 

  1. Curiosity

Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools we can obtain in the present day, especially regarding the vast amounts of information available for anyone on the internet.

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Our need for information is especially highlighted nowadays, and curiosity is a natural human tendency. These two facts generate a need for learning which comes in handy when trying to advance in your career. 

Curiosity is beneficial because when you know more things and have the drive to find things out these combine into having a willingness to know more about your career and also advance your thought processes by allowing you to apply said information to present tasks and struggles. 

  1. Compromise 

Compromising doesn’t necessarily mean giving up, it simply shows you are self-aware and are choosing the paths you find the best for yourself. Sometimes it is ok to take a step back before taking multiple steps forward. 

Compromise involves letting some aspects of a task or conflict go to come to a mutual agreement, be that between you and your health or between you and a colleague or superior. 

Sometimes when you are overworked trying to achieve that dream goal, it is important to realize it is ok to take a break for your own well-being. Is work-life balance a myth? It isn’t if you know your limits. 

  1. Maintain your health

Work-life balance is also where your health comes in. If you can’t sleep at night your motivation decreases as well, and burnout is also something many could easily experience from having a strong bout of fulfillment from succeeding in their careers. 

Always make sure to realize when you have reached your limits by reflecting on physical or mental symptoms you may be having from overworking yourself or from being burdened by more than you can handle. 

  1. Sense of purpose 

Chadwick Boseman discussed living a fulfilling life often with people, and he always said a sense of purpose is the key to a fulfilling career as well. 

Even if you choose a career that is considered more humble and typically more “restricted”, with a sense of purpose you can expand it further using some creativity and passion. For example, some tattoo artists expand to cake decorating thanks to their natural artistic talents. 

With a sense of purpose comes a sense of fulfillment, so you might take up new aspirations in your career and have enough energy and passion to pursue them as well.

Overall, being happier with your work equates to being happier in your private life as well, and feeling good in your place in life is important in continuing to grow and experience new things, especially when in the context of a career. 

  1. Organization 

Maintaining an organized setting around you to be able to turn your energy towards more productive tasks regarding your career is important when looking at fulfillment as well as success. 

Keeping organized involves you consciously reflecting on the importance of tasks and how to prioritize them, whilst lending you the ability to autonomously decide what you want for yourself and keeping the rhythm to achieve your goals. 

  1. Network and socials

Coming in contact with enough people and having them think of you as sympathetic allows you to create a spiderweb of open paths for yourself. Networking is crucial when building your career so as to have people who can do favors for you when you need it. 

Returning the favor is compulsory, of course, but there is a massive mutual benefit to being able to help each other advance as colleagues or as friends.

You must also remember to value those who help you, which is where returning favors and being appreciative comes in. Showing individuals in your circle how much you care also builds a stronger relationship with them, which is always a positive. 

  1. Appreciate the journey 

Coming to appreciate the fruit of all your hard work is great, but the journey to get there were the stepping stones that fruit needed to be made in the first place. 

All those hours put in, all the work and thinking you did to achieve that certain thing, no one else knows about that except you and maybe people who saw all your hard work, so appreciate the long road you came down on. 

  1. Be open

Being open means you are open to receiving feedback and criticism for the work you do, which further develops your learning ability. Most people take criticism negatively, which is fair if the critique isn’t validated by anything, but knowing when you are wrong takes a lot of effort. 

Like Beyonce said, you shouldn’t be afraid of failure, and taking criticism is a part of that. Be mindful of unprecedented criticism that may not be helpful. Focus on how you can improve yourself, your project, or your situation for that optimal outcome. 

  1. Accept help 

With being open to criticism comes being able to accept help as well. Sometimes doing something alone is simply unrealistic, and being able to ask for help or accept it takes a lot of courage and to set aside your pride. 

Accepting help also shows a willingness to learn, which is also a key factor in becoming more fulfilled in your career which then amounts to success as well. 

  1. Equip your skills

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses alongside being aware of your abilities allows you to take on tasks you know you can fulfill. This, amongst other things, lets you go through more successes than disappointments, maintaining your motivation rather than destroying it. 

By equipping and being aware of your skills, you can also find others who are good at your weaknesses, and maybe even work together for mutual success. 

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