Top 4 Most Gorgeous Emerald Necklaces Designs for brides

A necklace is an irreplaceable part of Indian attire. No matter the occasion, a necklace can brighten up your outfit like nothing else. One of the most popular and preferred types of necklaces is emerald necklaces. The velvety richness of an emerald stands out amongst a sea of colours. There are many designs and types of necklaces you can pick from.

Bridal jewellery is a separate category of its own because of the extravagant designs and the unique types available. Every bride dreams of standing out and looking her best on her big day. Darpan Mangatrai Emerald necklaces for brides are not only beautiful but also steeped in tradition to add a touch of nostalgia to the bridal look.

Here are some emerald necklaces that brides must consider for their wedding day.

Top emerald necklace designs for brides 

Classic emerald and diamond necklace set 

The depths of an emerald and the stunning colour of the emerald are brought out when paired with the shiny diamonds. The necklace set itself becomes a masterpiece when the stones are the main attraction. The addition of other elements like pearls can also enhance the impact of emeralds on your look.

A necklace set is a great option as it can be layered with other jewellery, and you can get the benefit of matching gorgeous earrings. Emerald necklaces can be on the traditional side or inclined towards an Indo-western look, in which case you can choose to wear them for your receptions for other functions. Darpan Mangatrai emerald pendant designs exude not only unparalleled beauty but also the inevitable effect of expert craftsmanship. The intricate details of the necklace are what bring it to life and make it lovable.

Emerald Polki necklace

A polki necklace is a type of necklace when it has embedded diamonds that are uncut and unpolished. These diamonds do not go through the same process as other diamonds you see. When used in a polki necklace, the emeralds look especially lovely because the shine of the emeralds is amplified with diamonds.

Polki emerald necklaces can have multiple designs; generally, they have pearl strings and beads to complete the look of the necklace. A polki necklace has an ornate pendant and various types of strings. The pendant is the centre of attraction and makes the whole necklace impactful. The use of various cuts and shapes of diamonds and emeralds in the same necklace to accentuate every curve of the design is one of the specialities of a polki necklace. Polki necklaces differ based designs and the bridal designs include bigger stones or more diamonds making the entire necklace heavier and brighter.

Kundan emerald necklace

Kundan jewellery is one of the oldest kinds of jewellery made in our country. The legacy of this jewellery dates back almost 2500 years, and Darpan Mangatrai Emerald Necklaces are an ode to the unique craft that is Kundan. Made by embedding precious stones like emeralds in gold or silver, Kundan is characterised by the gold foil between the stones. The term “kundan” means highly refined pure 24K gold.

A Kundan Haar with emeralds can be a normal necklace, a multi-layered necklace, or a choker, too – the type of necklace depends on its length. A layered Kundan emerald necklace with pearls, diamonds, and emeralds can be the envy of every person. A simple Kundan Haar with emeralds is also a great way to ensure your bridal necklace stands out. Kundan emerald necklaces are the most popular choices amongst brides for their bridal outfit as the necklace does not get lost in glitz and glamour of the lehenga or saree and it can outshine the heavy work on the clothes too.

Emerald Satlada Haar

One of the most royal designs that can completely turn around your bridal outfit. A Satlada haar is a layered necklace with seven layers and pearls. The layers and pearls are the key features of this necklace. The layered beauty is absolutely stunning and not overpowering when looking for something widespread across the front of your saree or lehenga. The Satlada haar has emeralds studded in the strings, or it can have emerald beads to highlight every layer of the necklace.

The marvellous options of Darpan Mangatrai Emerald Necklaces can give you multiple options within this category itself. Every string is adorned with diamonds and different designs to make the necklace more sparkly. You can find the difference in costs based on how many and which stones have been used to curate the Satlada Haar you are looking at.

Get your Emerald Necklaces from Darpan Mangatrai today

No matter which type you like best for yourself on your wedding day, you are sure to find it at Mangatrai. Their commitment to quality and the constant efforts to revive traditional designs to fit the requirements of the modern bride yields amazing results. Emerald necklaces are an investment for life. They are family heirlooms that can be passed on to the next generations as the longevity of an emerald necklace ensures it can be cherished for a long time to come.


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