Top 7 Boxing Mistakes Commonly Made by Beginners

Choosing to start boxing training can be tricky until you know exactly what it takes. Boxing is actually a very advanced martial art with sophisticated techniques and methods. Obviously, in the first few months of your training as a beginner, you will make many mistakes. However, we can better avoid these mistakes and maximize our training to get significant results with early detection of these slip-ups.

On the other hand, if you want to deliver punches in the exact same way, matching to boxing conditions becomes difficult. Indeed, if you try to get everything “right,” your opponent will undoubtedly understand your moves and use them to their advantage. As a result, Probellum boxing critics agree that boxing mistakes are something you go unnoticed or do unintentionally. You can get exposed while boxing, and if you don’t do so on purpose, it is considered wrong. However, you can present yourself as a tactic, as bait for your opponent, which experts have recognized. Therefore, many professional boxers seem to make “a lot of mistakes” but are no slip-ups in any way.

This article discusses some common boxing mistakes that you should avoid or correct as a beginner to improve your performance in this sport.

1. Rushing training

We value beginners’ enthusiasm for learning to box and going into the ring for punches with an opponent. But be sure to focus on your training, and everything will slowly fall into place. Training or fighting at a higher level than you are now is not a good idea. Try not to rush things. In general, by focusing on fewer subjects, you can gradually understand all that is needed in boxing. Value your trip more than the destination, and use your time to study and learn by paying attention to what your teacher is teaching you. Then gradually increase the difficulty of your workout until you are comfortable taking one more step, and so on.

2. Getting your eyes off the game

The use of the eyes in boxing is essential, but many beginners are uncomfortable using them. Many inexperienced fighters mistake breaking their field of vision and focus, ignoring their opponents, and getting punched as a result. When they anticipate a punch, they immediately close their eyes because they see the danger, but you have to do precisely the opposite in boxing. The method is to practice eye contact with your opponent when throwing a punch or avoiding one. When your opponent strikes at you, keep your eyes open to fend off the blows.

3. Too much emphasis on the head

Another common mistake that beginners make, especially when starting out, is focusing too much on the opponent’s head. Yes, we all try to give the opponent a decisive blow, perhaps a knockout, to finish him quickly. However, there are many other goals in boxing that beginners sometimes overlook. Advanced fighters usually use a good plan to attack the body and combine the shots well. When you always target the head, you miss out on many opportunities to hit powerful shots in other scoring areas. First, focus on the body and get some good punches. Your opponent’s guard will eventually drop, allowing you to attack the head and land the knockout blow.

4. Using arm punches

When most people first learn how to throw punches, they move only their arms towards their targets while throwing a punch. Arm punching is one of the most prevalent mistakes made by people who are just learning to punch. It occurs when all of the force is generated primarily by the arms and fists, with no adequate weight transfer from the base.

What novices fail to realize is that there is a lot more technique involved in throwing punches than what seems on the surface. First and foremost, the force comes from the legs and lower body, not only the arms. Power is increased by bending your knees slightly to sit down on your shot, turning the body towards the target, transmitting energy from the waist to the shoulder, and finally to the fist.

Don’t just wing it with your punches; instead, learn how to throw them effectively. Once you’ve mastered the method, you’ll notice a boost in power.

If you’re serious about improving your punching technique and building power, one helpful tool to consider is investing in a pair of weight boxing gloves, which can help strengthen your muscles and improve your overall technique by adding extra resistance to your punches during training sessions.

5. Wasting your energy

When sparring or fighting, keep in mind that you will require as much energy as you can from the time you begin until the last round. One of the beginner boxing mistakes you should avoid is going all out at the start and having nothing left to give as the battle progresses.

When you work out, pay attention to how your body expends energy and pace yourself so you may have a good start and an excellent finish.

6. Hesitating

Amateur boxers who are new to the sport have a propensity of pausing prior to throwing a blow. Hesitation allows the adversary to take advantage of you and land a decisive blow. This might mean the difference between winning and losing the fight, so avoid hesitating at all costs. This may be accomplished through practicing and testing various circumstances to increase your confidence and readiness to act swiftly in the ring. Working on your defense and blocks, as well as your offense, can improve your whole game.

7. Excessive water consumption

While being hydrated is critical when boxing and working out, don’t drink too much water. This might cause you to feel very bloated and, in severe situations, cause abdominal pain.

The easiest approach to combat this is to drink tiny sips rather than large gulps during your workout. After you’ve completed working out, you may drink a lot more water to rehydrate and relieve your thirst.


If you’re having a hard time, remember why you started training or take a break and watch some inspirational boxing films. Your “fatal mistakes” are not reasons for surrender. Instead, be patient, work hard, learn, and enjoy the ride. You’ll notice how much better you are than the day you started and appreciate the progress you have made.


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