Top Tips for Finding a Residential Mooring

When you own a boat, you want to spend as much time as possible enjoying every free moment you have. Of course, as well as enjoying those free moments, you also need to find a mooring. A residential mooring is going to allow you to keep your boat safely and securely stored. It will also allow you to use it when you want to, and for the length of time that you want. Finding a residential mooring can sometimes be easier said than done, so what top tips can you follow to make your search easier?

Area and Location

To get your search started on the right foot, you need to think about the area and location you want to focus on. For instance, do you want to be within 30 minutes of your current workplace, home, or friends? Do you want a quiet location in an area that may be new to you? How connected do you want to be when you are at your mooring? Narrowing down the location will help you focus your efforts, and allow you to only focus on areas that tick most (if not all) of your boxes.

The Budget and Costs

You may have already invested a lot in your boat, and you may be looking to keep costs as low as possible. So, what is your budget for a residential mooring, and how much do you have to cover other costs too (such as extra site fees)? If you do not establish a budget near the beginning of your search, you may well find that you end up looking at moorings that are too expensive, or not cost-effective for you.

Deciding Whether to Purchase or Lease

Boat moorings can be purchased at some sites, or they can be leased. So, are you looking at a Mooring for sale or, are you looking to lease for 3 months, or perhaps 6 months? You may find that some marinas only rent out or lease their moorings, so keep this in mind when you are creating your shortlist. If sales or leases of moorings are not readily advertised, then reach out to the owners as there may be limited availability.

Size of Mooring

To ease your search, you need to think carefully about the size of mooring you need. If you are looking at upsizing your boat or changing in the future, you may also want to keep this in mind. Remember that not all marinas and docks can accommodate larger boats and barges, so think about the size you require. You may also find those smaller-size moorings (often under 40ft) are the most popular.

Getting on Waiting Lists and Reaching Out to Management 

All popular marinas and docks get booked up very quickly. So, with this in mind, be prepared to get on those waiting lists. When you have found the location you want for your boat, take some time to reach out to the management. When you are on the waiting list, you will find you are increasingly closer to getting that perfect residential mooring.


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