Transparent LED screens

Transparent screens are LED screens used in stores, installed on glazed buildings, or show stages very aesthetic, they are used in dynamic displays to improve the communication of companies and their attractiveness. This type of screen offers a perfect balance between quality image and high brightness. Their LEDs, or LEDs (Electro-Luminescent Diodes), are discreet and their pitch (more or less spaced) makes it possible to play on transparency. In this article we will tell you about LED screen and its benefits. So read the entire article below;

What is a transparent LED screen?

The advantages of transparent LED screens

Transparent LED screens have certain advantages for a company wishing to innovate and use dynamic signage for its external communication. The main advantage of transparent screens is their aesthetics. Indeed, they make it possible to broadcast-quality content without any separation or frame being noticed. In addition, the messages broadcast are visible from near and far.

The clarity of the broadcasts is of additional interest! LED screens to emit a brightness equivalent to that of a showcase screen, i.e. 4000 candelas and more. This brightness is created by the diodes used from the back of the screen. Their pitch (from 2 to 10 mm) is adapted to the resolution of the content as well as to the distance which separates the screen from passers-by. The pitch represents the distance between the centers of each LED vertically and horizontally. The smaller it is (in mm), the higher the pixel density (per square meter) and the higher the image quality. The outdoor transparent led display is also trending in 2021. Obviously, the quality of the restored image influences the price of the connected screen. However, transparent LED screens offer an economic advantage over conventional LED screens. They can be made to measure thanks to confirmed manufacturers who will be able to establish a price adapted to the needs of the company.

A dynamic spectacle for the eyes

Transparent LED screens are modern technological tools that represent added value for the companies that use them. Always more innovative, they incorporate many specific features and accessories that make them efficient tools fully adapted to dynamic display. Often used in stores, they are also very present in the entertainment world. Transparent screens energize concerts, trade fairs, and showrooms. In-store, they make the customer experience incredible. For businesses seeking to further customize their transparent LED displays, considering expert digital signage design can elevate the content and enhance viewer engagement. The quality of the broadcast of visual is very close to that of a 4K screen, in other words exceptional. The visuals are animated and catch the eye passes-by in real-time. It is a feast for the eyes and a real asset to stand out from the competition!

Installation and use

The speed, as well as the cost of installing a transparent LED screen, depends in particular on its location. On the front of a store or suspended in a large open space, the technical constraints differ. If these are low, installation and commissioning of the screen can be completed in less than an hour. Of all sizes and even all shapes, transparent LED screens are sophisticated, ultra modular, and very thin. Their dimensions are often generous, in order to cover the whole of a window for example. These screens are well suited to a “giant panel” type use. They make it possible to capture the attention thanks to an excellent quality of diffusion. This is one of the reasons why they are attracting more and more companies as well as their customers. These connected screens can operate 7 days a week and 24 hours a day in order to disseminate information and messages to a large number of customers.

The use of transparent LED screens is also spreading in events such as exhibitions or shows. You can even use digital signage software from Rise Vision to get the most out of your digital signage displays.

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In conclusion, transparent LED screens bring a modern visual effect and a captivating rendering from near and far and this, whatever the place where they are installed, their uses, and their dimensions. These connected screens reveal light content and its message in total transparency.


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