Traveling with Kids: 8 Apps for a Comfortable Vacation

Travel planning is always a rather troublesome and difficult task that requires maximum attention, especially if you have a family trip with children. It’s very important not to forget anything and think over everything carefully. Otherwise, the rest can turn into a complete nightmare. 

Fortunately, there are many benefits to living in the heyday of information technology. With a smartphone, you have access to a huge amount of information and consumer opportunities. For example, you can book a spacious van rental Nashville for your family trip directly from your smartphone. Also, with the help of applications, you will simplify the preparation for the trip – just download a few extremely useful mobile applications. 

We have prepared a list of perfect apps for traveling with children. They can help you in a wide variety of situations.


How to start a successful family trip? Firstly, you need to rent a car to satisfy everyone, and secondly, take all the most necessary things with you. The free PackPoint app is designed to create a travel checklist. 

Using it, you will find out what you may need on a trip, taking into account the period of stay, goals, and weather forecast in the chosen place for the desired days, as well as your manner of dressing and even the presence of a washing machine at the hotel. 

To start using the app, you must indicate the place of arrival, the starting, and the duration of the trip.

Family Locator 

Family Locator is designed to accurately locate family members. Now you don’t have to worry if someone gets lost. For this, you need to install the application on the phones of all family members and synchronize it. Here are some of the main features of Family Locator:

  • Real-time movement tracking;
  • Free messaging; 
  • Ability to send a notification indicating the exact location;
  • Notification of the arrival of the child at the specified location; 
  • Alerting the user if the child moves in an unsafe direction; 
  • A log of the movements of family members for the last seven days;
  • Low power consumption.

The developers paid special attention to the protection of information about your movements. Also, the application is equipped with augmented reality technology.

Rental 24H

When you are traveling with children, the main thing is to choose a suitable way to move around the area. A rental car is what you need for a family trip and you can pick it up using the simple car rental app

Rental24H allows you to rent a car in almost 5 thousand locations in the United States, as well as other destinations around the world. You get access to the best 7-seater minivans, passenger vans, full-size rental cars, compact, luxury vehicles, and SUVs right through your smartphone. All you need to do is indicate the required pickup location and choose the start/end date of your trip.

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Are you planning a long trip with your children in a rental car? Download PlayKids. This application is perfect for keeping your kids entertained. Video content allows you to find many cartoons, as well as children’s TV series. 

The application has filters to protect children from unnecessary information. PlayKids also offers educational games for children of all ages. You can download it for free, but and for $10 a month, you will get unlimited access to content, as well as the ability to save your favorite videos.


If you want to get a lot of useful information about your travel destination, install izi.TRAVEL. This is the perfect audio guide that will be interesting even for children! 

You can freely walk around the city, stop the guide, and not depend on someone. We advise you to download the desired tour at home earlier, so that you don’t spend money on the Internet later. 

When you start the application, it will track your current location by GPS and will automatically tell you about certain points. You only need to listen to the interesting information and follow the route.

Finance PM 

On vacation, you often spend more than expected. After all, you really want to try delicious food in local restaurants and buy souvenirs. Plus, if you are traveling in a rented car, you need to spend money on fuel. At the same time, at the end of the trip, you have to save money in order to have enough for the most necessary things. 

A personal financial manager will help you to prevent such a situation. The Finance PM app will allow you to control your travel budget and not exceed it anymore.

Wi-Fi Map 

If you need internet while traveling, but don’t want to spend too much money, then try using this application. With Wi-Fi Map, you will find the nearest free Wi-Fi hotspots and passwords to them. 

The application will also build a route to the selected point. Users gradually add information to the application themselves, so finding Wi-Fi is still not always possible.


WeatherPRO is the most accurate weather forecast app. This application shows you information about the air and seawater temperature, precipitation, as well as the level of ultraviolet radiation. This is especially important when vacationing with small children.

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Traveling with kids can be fun and exciting, especially when you have the right tools and apps to ensure a comfortable vacation for the whole family. In addition to using these helpful resources, it’s crucial to find suitable accommodations close to your preferred attractions. For example, when visiting Orlando, consider staying at an affordable hotel near Universal Studios. To learn more about this. With the ideal lodging option and travel resources, your family trip will undoubtedly be one for the books.


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