Understanding Guy Grip Dead Ends

All over the world, reliable guy grip dead ends are very popular. Why is it so important? How is it used? If you don’t have a clear understanding, don’t worry, this article will give you an in-depth understanding.

What is a guy grip dead end?

Guy Grip Dead-end is used in the installation of the exposed conductor used in electric network transmission and distribution and overhead insulated conductor. The reliability and economic advantage are better than the present bolt type and hydraulic compression type Guy Grip Dead-end which now is being widely in the line.

Features of guy grip dead end

  1. They have simple structures which make them easy to install.
  2. Seismic ability is strong to reduce damage to the conductor.
  3. Prefect corrosion resistance; The same material as the conductor.


Guy grip dead end has a wide range of applications, and the power grid has a large demand for it. As a leading supplier of power cables and power limiting accessories, Henvcon has nearly 10 years of business experience in power, telecommunications, and other fields. Our products have been affirmed and supported by the majority of users. If you want to purchase related products, please contact Henvcon.


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