Understanding More About Dental Implants

There are two things that can happen when you lose your teeth. It can affect your appearance, which reduces your confidence. Then, over time, the gap can decrease the ability to chew and put pressure on the other teeth. Ultimately, if you lose teeth, you want to replace them.

But how can this happen? Well, this is where dental implants are being used. But, the problem is that many people do not realise what they are and are missing out on the advantages they can offer. Here is a guide all about dental implants so you can seek the right treatment.

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What are Dental Implants?

First of all, let’s discuss what dental implants are and clear up any misconceptions that might exist about this treatment. Generally, dental implants are going to replace any missing teeth you have. They are made from titanium, and they are placed on the jawbone. Then, a fake tooth can be used to fill in the gap you have. They are classed as a long-term solution to the problem, lasting over ten years when they are properly cared for. The point of dental implants is to be supportive of teeth, compatible with the bone and give you great results when you have tooth loss.

Something you want to make sure that you do is choose a dentist you trust if you are interested in dental implants. They are going to be able to advise you on the best treatment for your situation. For example, check out to learn about the service Smile Cliniq offers. Indeed, they have an expert team with experience. We are talking about a combined experience level of 100 years. This can offer you the reassurance you need to go ahead with this type of treatment, which can often be daunting.

What are the Benefits of Getting Dental Implants?

Now that you have a better idea of what dental implants are, you will want to know why they should be an option. Here are the benefits they can offer.

Boosts Your Confidence

On a personal level, dental implants can boost the confidence of the patient. Indeed, its purpose is to replace a tooth that is missing and ensure a natural-looking, fake tooth can be inserted into the gap. So, a dental implant creates the best foundation for this. As a result, you can feel confident about your smile again.

Improves Speech

People do not realise how much a missing tooth or teeth can affect your speech. It can change the way you sound, which can affect your confidence, as well as cause difficulties with people understanding you. But, the good thing about a dental implant is that it is going to restore your natural speech by filling in the gap.

Supports Teeth

When there is a gap, the other teeth around it can move. This can make them vulnerable, which is the last thing you want. So, getting a dental implant not only fills this gap but it also supports the other teeth. They are not going to move into the gap and become misaligned in any way.

Easy to Maintain

When you are missing a tooth, there are other options out there, such as dentures. But, these can require care and mean you have to clean them in special ways and take time out of your day to maintain them. This can be annoying and time-consuming. The good thing about a dental implant is that you care for them just like your natural teeth. There is nothing special you have to do.

Avoids Bone Loss

Not a lot of people know that when you lose a tooth, this can affect your jawbone. In particular, it can lead to loss of bone mass, which is not a good thing. But this is another advantage of dental implants. This is a way to stimulate bone growth, which can be beneficial for your overall oral health.


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