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Wall construction and plastering

The wall is known as the skin of the house รับสร้างบ้านโคราช .For exterior walls that protect the house. from the changes of hot and cold weather, sun, wind, rain outside the house, and the interior walls Serves to divide the various uses in the house into proportions according to the use. The walls in the house have both walls. that acts as a structure or as we call it load-bearing walls (which are further subdivided into load-bearing walls that are reinforced concrete and load-bearing walls This type of wall can be easily imagined as a column that extends out to form a wall, so this type of wall is relatively more expensive. The walls are a bit normal. another type of wall It is a wall that is commonly used in general, that is, a wall that does not support weight. or not acting as a structure

While the principles of wall construction and plastering remain the same, the scale and requirements can vary significantly between residential and commercial projects. For instance, commercial plastering often involves larger spaces and more complex designs, requiring a different set of skills and expertise to ensure a flawless finish.

Most of the walls are made of bricks. Or it can be used as a gypsum board. There are many types of walls, such as brick walls, stone walls, concrete block walls, glass block walls, or glass walls. There are also walls that are glass walls (curtain walls) that are commonly used in high-rise buildings. and has been applied to the homes in the Want to open the view to the outside, such as living room, rest room, etc. In the construction method, each wall There are subtleties that vary by type.

Mention the walls that are commonly used, that is, masonry walls. There are two types of masonry, showing vertical masonry and plastered masonry walls.

brick wall showing is a wall with bricks lined up and no plastering To want to show the line of this type of brick wall. Therefore, there is no moisture-proof mortar, therefore, in masonry showing the line for the exterior wall of the building, it should not be displayed on both sides. because when it rains or have humidity hit the wall Water will seep into the inside easily. Another caution is that do not build in an area with a car running through or near (such as a garage on the side of the road, etc.) because if it hits the bricks show the lines have scratches. Difficult to edit Most often, the entire wall has to be demolished. and rebuild

Brick masonry wall is a wall made of bricks. and plastered with mortar for order For masonry in this type of wall, it is different from the brickwork of the masonry wall. because the bricks must be made The concrete surface has indentations, about 3-5 mm deep, so that when plastering, it can firmly adhere to the concrete surface. Before plastering should Clean the walls with a broom or blow air to let the debris or cement dust come off first. and saturate the water Leave it for half a minute. before allowing the brick to fully absorb the water Prevent the brick from sucking water from the mortar which will cause cracking of the wall.

for masonry work Whether it is a brick wall showing the line or masonry walls It should check that The shrimp massage iron was prepared. protruding from the pole to coordinate between the pillars and walls of your house prevent wall cracking Another caution to prevent cracking of the wall especially the west wall with the south side that receives a lot of sun and heat have a lot of stretch And there is a chance to crack (gloss) a lot if there is enough budget for plastering. First, remove the chicken cage wire on the wall. Because this chicken cage wire will act as a fastener to prevent cracking. As for the wall with doors, windows or openings as a component, and every 3 meters in height, don’t forget to make poles too.

In addition to masonry and masonry walls, there are also block walls, glass bricks, glass walls, and gypsum walls or light walls.

  1. Glass block walls are mostly used as interior walls. The part that needs light or decoration for beauty in making glass brick block walls There are precautions similar to brick wall construction. because if the brick wall blocks A rupture occurred. It is difficult to modify, therefore, block masonry walls are popularly done in a not very large area. In the case of building a large area, reinforced concrete tendon columns should be made every 3 meters apart.
  2. Glass wall (Curtain wall) with current technology We can develop construction until the mirror can be used as a wall These glass walls will have different installation styles according to the adhesion of the glass panels, namely

2.1 Glass is attached to the frame only on two sides (two-side supports), which are usually fixed on the floor or ceiling, while the remaining two sides are left close to the other sheets of glass. This kind of glass adhesion will have problems with glass deflection. which can be prevented by increasing the thickness of the glass Or change the glass mounting to 3 sides or 4 sides as appropriate.

2.2 Glass is attached to the frame only on 3 sides (three-sided support) The mirror is attached to the frame on 3 sides, the other side may be placed floating or connected to other sheets of glass. which is stronger than the first

2.3 Glass attached to the four-sided support frame is the strongest installation style. in the installation of the glass wall should find a skilled technician to attach to the wall that is a curved glass It can be done. just expensive and requires expertise In the installation is very special. When damaged, it is difficult to repair and find a new replacement. Having trouble with repairs later It should be avoided.

  1. Gypsum wall or light wall It is a wall that is very popular nowadays because it is lightweight, economical and can be installed quickly. To install the light wall must take into account the position Complete switches and sockets because if you want Adding more later will be very difficult. and may cause damage to the wall. There are gypsum walls. short service life and often have problems with humidity Therefore, it is commonly used for interior walls. and wall decoration with frequent adjustments for the wall that counts is the shell of that building can consider choosing according to use, taste and needs of each person as convenient


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