Watch Guide: 4 Collections of Breguet Watches To Check

A good watch serves a lot of functions for each owner. The right one will be a reliable and lifelong buddy on your wrist that also reflects your style and interests, find a second life as a cherished heirloom for future kids, and potentially serve as a better investment for a long time. But most importantly in most cases, your first watch will be the seedling for an entire collection of timepieces that you have.

Whether you’re about to invest in your first luxury timepiece or looking at an impressive collection, the right luxury timepiece acts as a milestone in life, a marker of time well spent, and all the hard work pays off. Every watchmaker has their failure in the star, and they use it as a stepping stone to reach the top of success. And now, here they are making their brand names successful. Every success has a behind story of failure, so never lose hope when you fail. Use this as an inspiration to strive harder and achieve all your goals in life, like what Abraham- Louis Breguet did.

History of Breguet 

Breguet is a luxury watch in line with clocks and jewelry. It was founded by Abraham-Louis Breguet in Paris, France in 1775. In 1999, it became a subsidiary of the Swiss Swatch Group. Headquartered in L’Abbaye, Switzerland. Breguet Watches is one of the oldest surviving watchmaking brands and a pioneer of a lot of his collection, which was invented by Abraham in 1801. In the following years, Abraham Breguet also invented and produced the world’s first self-winding watch (the Perpétuelle) in 1780, as well as the world’s first wristwatch in 1810. In 1787, Breguet worked on his own until he was partnered with Xavier Gide, a dealer of clocks and watches who brought more capital into the business.

Breguet’s rich history in the field of watchmaking is getting stronger by nearly 250 years. The business has been in the family for three generations. They then passed the torch to the head of the workshop, Edward Brown. Breguet became a favorite among royals, politicians, and artists around the world. With more than 200 years of watchmaking experience under its belt, it’s no wonder why the brand is among the other top luxury watches around. Its founder brought about some of the most game-changing inventions in horology, including the self-winding watch in 1780, the tourbillon in 1801, and the first wristwatch in 1810. 

Today, Breguet is known worldwide for its amazing timepiece and offers 5 collections across the classic dress ladies, and the XX sports watch line. If you have the honor of having a Breguet timepiece collection hold on tight because this timepiece will never go out of style. 

1. Classique

It is a simple watch with a touch of modernity on it. It has a beautiful white dial that gives a neat look with White gold material and a round shape case in 38mm diameter. The color of it is a little classy and looks like royalty. Plus, it has a power reserve for 55 hours and water resistance for 30m and is also categorized as one of the luxury watches. 

2. Tradition

This collection has a unique design and leaves a great impression on your wrist. The alligator leather band and the rose gold give a better look to the watch. It is also in a round shape case with a 40mm diameter and has a power reserve of 50 hours and a water resistance feature for 30m. It is also categorized as a luxury watch. 

3. Marine

Brace yourself with the timepiece of the Breitling collection with the captivating and unique design that impeccable form and leave you in awe. This watch is made for a men’s collection. It has titanium material with a round shape case and a 40mm diameter. It also has an approximately 55 hours power reserve and a water resistance of 100m.

4. Type XX – XXI – XXII

This is one of the luxury watches of Breguet’s collection; it comes in an 18kt rose gold case of diameter 42mm. This watch has a unique crocodile leather strap. And it also comes with different styles and colorways. It also has a power reserve for 48 hours and water resistance for 100m.

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In Conclusion 

We can say that watches are all the same. Similar in function and something even in style, but never forget that the history and story behind these beautiful and amazing watches are unique, and they are not the same. The hard work of every creator of these watches to have this success is priceless. Choose your watch that you feel you are comfortable wearing and also afford. There are luxury brands that have a higher price compared to other brands due to the quality. To check more luxury watches visit our website 

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