What Are Liposomes and How Do They Work With CBD?

The cannabinoid is a prevalent and versatile compound that is always in the eyes of researchers. It possesses properties that are beneficial to health, such as anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. But simply consuming it won’t do the job as it has less absorption than THC. Hence CBD is combined with liposomal to increase its absorption and harness all its beneficial properties. In addition, it is linked with increasing the bioavailability of cannabinoids. Therefore, it ensures that the body receives the benefits from CBD Vape Oil intake. If you are confused about liposomal and CBD, no worries, read till the end to get an idea about it.

What do you mean by the term liposomal?

In general, liposomes are covered around any medication or nutrients that enhance its absorption. Lipo in Greek is known as fat, and soma is termed as the body. Hence a liposome is a bubble that is wrapped around medication. You might be thinking that don’t these covers harm the body? The answer is no; they don’t. These liposomes are made using material that is phospholipids. This material is the same one that the cell membrane in our body is made of. Phospholipids are known to perform two tasks: increase the absorption of the medication and prevent breakage of medicine while it’s in the digestive tract.

Liposomes are both water-soluble and fat-soluble; at their initiation, they were used to enhance the delivery of essential nutrients to the body. The liposome protects the molecule that it carries from degradation, assuring maximum benefits. Liposomes have been under study for many decades. Researchers are finding out what amount of them gets into the bloodstream.

What are the benefits of CBD that have liposomes?

The topmost benefit of liposomes in CBD is that it boosts bioavailability. Generally, CBD is thought to be consumed orally. However, they are available in various forms; hence increasing bioavailability can benefit effectiveness. It is because when your body can quickly receive CBD and digest it, its potential benefits tend to be more effective too quickly. Introducing lower doses of liposomes can benefit in the same way as higher doses.

You must use liposomal CBD in high concentrations retained in your body for a longer time as it is cost-effective. Using non-liposomal CBD can cost higher while giving fewer effects. It is stated safe to consume liposomal CBD as it provides higher bioavailability than naked CBD. However, it would help if you consumed liposomal CBD to achieve your desired outcome.

Does liposomal CBD outfox all other forms?

Liposomal CBD is linked to better absorption, but that does not mean it is better than all other forms of CBD. The requirement or the condition that you wish to treat decides the best one for you. At times liposomal CBD can be more expensive than naked CBD, as per its usage. For example, a study was conducted on dogs in 2020; these dogs had arthritis and showed improvement in 20mg of liposomal CBD while they needed 50mg of naked CBD to have the same effect. Therefore, the best choice is liposomal CBD if you aim to use a minimum CBD to get the maximum effect.

Technology is increasing, and now those tinctures, oils, balms and effective CBD hemp cream are replaced with Nanoemulsion. These are tiny particles and are microscopic molecules that are more efficient than liposomes. As they are small particles, the rate of absorption increases all by itself. In addition, smaller molecules have a vast surface area that interacts with enzymes in the body. These nanoemulsions are generally developed to ensure efficient delivery of the active component of CBD in the body.


While studies are going on to date to find safety and effectiveness related to liposomal CBD, by now, it is safe enough to consume. It has innumerable benefits but above all of them stands to be bioavailability. Also, it shows maximum effect in minimum dosage and hence consuming it becomes easy. Encapsulating CBD with liposomes is undoubtedly more beneficial than thought. It ought to increase the percentage of CBD that reaches the body and shows the effect. Use liposomes as carriers to increase the delivery rate of CBD by four times.


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