Heart attacks are a result of blood clots that inhibit the blood flow to the heart. The lack of blood is lethal because the tissues lose oxygen, leading the heart to stop beating. It is an exceedingly uncomfortable feeling where people have difficulty breathing, and there is a knot in their chest.

Heart attacks are painful and must be treated immediately, or the patient might lose their life. If you are a heart patient and have had episodes in the past, it is prudent to consult the best cardiac treatment hospital in Bangalore because they can help you during such a crisis.

The hospital always tells their patients to come in for routine checkups because these events are unforeseen. It is better to stay on top of things rather than hold regrets later.

During such an event, time is of the essence. You must collaborate with a team of experts who know their way around such emergencies. The best cardiac treatment hospitals in Bangalore are agile and provide treatments without any delays. They also help their patients understand different manifestations so they can act plausibly in the time of need.


Remember that the manifestations can differ between men and women. The most common symptom experienced by men and women is nagging chest pain. However, women might also feel nauseous, experience shortness of breath and vomiting sensations. If you are suffering from heart problems, you must watch out for these symptoms. It can be an impending heart attack.

  • Chest discomfort

The heart is one of the most crucial body parts. It pumps blood to the rest of the body, thus keeping our organs functional. But, during a heart attack, the sufferer might feel a knot or nagging chest pain. This is a sharp shooting pain that only lasts a few minutes.

Sometimes it may come and go but taking action is necessary. If the patient does not confer with a doctor soon, chances are they will perish on the spot. If someone around you suffers from heart troubles, be sure to stay alert when they complain of chest discomfort.

Get in touch with a hospital immediately and waste no time. The family/friends should keep a calm mind and take the necessary course of action.

  • Other body parts may also be affected

The pain and discomfort might also be felt in the back, neck, jaw, stomach, and arms. When the pain takes over, the victim tries to reach out and squeeze something to assuage that sensation. Do not overlook these signs because it means that they are in grave discomfort.

It is important to note that people suffering from a heart attack may not voice it out due to the lack of breath. Sufferers have described the body pain like a rope is being tied around them.

  • Shortness of breath and dizziness

The patient experiences difficulty during breathing and might also feel dizzy. It feels the same as running a marathon when the heart cannot pump blood that quickly to the rest of the body. It is also possible for people to faint.

  • Cold sweats

It is exceedingly common to feel nauseated during a heart attack. To an onlooker, that may seem trivial, but understand the gravity of this situation and do not mistake it for something unimportant.


These are the symptoms of an impending heart attack.


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