What Are the New Games on Maxim88 Online Casino?

If you are very familiar with Maxim88, you’ll agree that several classic and contemporary games are available in the Malaysia casino. This includes slot games, casino games, and fishing games. Specifically, you’ll find legendary games, including Roulette, Blackjack, Crazy Time, Sic Bo, etc., on the gaming platform. However, as an innovative trusted online casino Malaysia, Maxim88 is receptive to contemporary and recently developed games. 

This versatility and extensive portfolio is one of the reasons why Maxim88 is a leading betting platform across Asia. The Malaysia betting site often introduces new games from various providers to players. This is why several slot game and casino game providers are available on the gaming site. Also, multiple providers are responsible for fishing games on Maxim88. If you have been playing your favourite games repeatedly and would like to try something new, consider checking out the hottest games on Maxim88. Below are five great recommendations to explore:

1. Mr Hippo

Here is one of the recently introduced online slot games on Maxim88. Mr Hippo is a creation of the NextSpin entertainment brand, one of the leading slot game providers in the online gaming industry. The slot game has medium volatility and an outstanding 96.89% RTP. In other words, players have a high chance of winning money from the game without no serious risk. Mr Hippo includes seven paylines with a theme featuring an adventure around Cinque Teer, a coastline around the Italian Riviera. 

Players start the game by staking their bet and checking in at the edge of the coast, featuring Mr. Hipp’s Airbnb. On a very lucky day, players can win 20,000 times their total bet on the slot game. Some lucrative features in the game include Random Trigger Gold Coin. With a Gold coin, players have the chance to multiply their bet by 20, 500, 200, or 1000. Mr Hippo is available in various languages, including English, Chinese, Korean, etc. Also, you can access the game on a smartphone, tablet device, or desktop computer. 

2. Double Monkey

Inspired by NASA’s exploration of space, Double Monkey is characterized by a few monkeys making their way into the cosmos. During the exploration, the monkeys would come across some intelligent beings. These monkeys hope to entertain the sentient creatures to survive and make their way back to planet earth. As you commence the slot game, the exploration begins. If you are looking for a challenging slot game, consider Double Monkey, as it features only one payline. Also, the RTP is on the low inside. So, you need to have some lucks and strategies to enhance your chances of winning. 

However, the classic slot offers players the opportunity to win up to 1000 times their total bet. Additionally, many players easily land the Double Monkey symbol, which translates into twice the total bet. If you land two Double Monkey symbols, it means four times your total bet. Double Monkey is accessible on multiple devices and available in different languages. Check the NextSpin iGaming product out on Maxim88. 

3. Long Long Long

This is another challenging slot game from NextSpin, belonging to the hot game category on Maxim88. Get ready to engage in an actionable gaming experience by choosing to explore Long Long Long. The slot game includes the Sun Dragon and Leaf Dragon ascending a tower to find the unseen castle in the clouds. Here, they would meet with the Love Dragon, dancing to music as they watched her. This leads to their friendship and forms the characters of the Long Long Long slot game. 

Once you access the game and stake your bet, spin the reel. If you manage to land the winning symbols, you end up with a massive prize. The classic slot game comes with an 88x multiplier, increasing your winnings significantly. The risk is minimal as the volatility is medium. Additionally, the chance of winning is high as the game features a remarkable 96.87% RTP. Feel free to enjoy the game on any device or in any of the available languages. 

4. Triple Kung Fu Monkey

The storyline behind Triple Kung Fu Monkey slot game is as interesting as the rewards are exciting. It involves three monkeys who auditioned for a Kung Fu Panda role and failed. Afterward, they decided to form a Kung Fu team and become a strong army, overthrowing the Kung Fu Panda team. So, you can expect to see many eye-catching characters in the slot game. Triple Kung Fu Monkey features five paylines and medium volatility. With 96.74% RTP, you are more likely to win than lose. 

On a very lucky day, any Maxim88 can win as much as 1,000 times their total bet on Tripe Kung Fu Money. Also, you could be lucky enough to trigger the WILD feature. This occurs when monkeys emerge on one or two reels. In this way, you can change any symbol to any winning symbol to win the betting session. Players may choose to play the game in Korean, English, Chinese, and other supported languages. 

5. Holy Goat

Here is another hot game from NextSpin on Maxim88 casino. Holy Goat includes the storyline of Alpacas and Illamas. They symbolize strength, resilience, perseverance, trust, and success. Anyone who was born under the IIama sign knows their life purpose and exudes energy and trust. Learn more about the characters as you explore the Holy Goat on the Maxim88 Malaysia betting site. 

Holy Goat features four reels and ten paylines. The volatility and RTP are medium and 96.83%, respectively. This means you are betting on a challenging game with a high chance of winning. Holy Goat features a wild symbol and respin feature. So, players are encouraged to explore the bonuses. On a rewarding day, you can win 300 times your total bet on the immersive slot game. 


As Maxim88 introduces new and hot games to the betting platform, the recommended options will change. However, Holy Goat, Mr. Hippo, Triple Kung Fu Monkey, Double Monkey, and Long Long Long are the currently trending slot games on the Malaysia online casino. So, if you feel bored playing your favourite game, check out the more challenging and entertaining slot games from NextSpin. Good luck. 

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