What are the tips to trade like a pro?

In our article about the investment account, you will find an extensive step-by-step plan for buying your first investments and building a portfolio.

Have you chosen to outsource to an asset manager? Then you don’t have to choose the products yourself. The choice of risk profile then determines the ratio of products in which your asset manager composes the portfolio.

With asset management and funds you can usually decide for yourself how much you invest, without having to take the value of the products into account. Keep in mind that there is often a delay between placing your order and the actual purchase. This can take a few days with asset management or funds. Trade like you mean it.

Keep learning to invest

If you want to be actively involved in investing in the stock market, you will also have to continue to acquire knowledge. There is a lot of useful information on the internet for beginners to learn. For online training courses, you can visit Share analyzes can be found on the website and in the magazine of the VEB.

Open an account

When you start investing for the first time, it seems like a big step, but in practice, it is not that bad. Investing in the stock market is becoming easier and easier for you and it can be done with any amount. You can start by opening an investment account with an asset manager or broker and depositing an amount. You can usually open an account online on the provider’s website. You then link the investment account to your own payment account and make your first deposit. If necessary, start with a low amount to invest. You can always top up later when you feel more comfortable.

Make your first purchase!

Earlier in this step-by-step plan, you determined in which type of products you want to invest and invest. How exactly buying the products works differs per type of product. Have you opted for index trackers or stocks on the stock exchange? Then look for the relevant products on your broker account. Sometimes a product can be traded on several exchanges, in that case also select the exchange of your preference. Products on the stock exchange, such as index trackers or shares, are always bought in whole pieces. Based on the amount you want to invest or invest, you can calculate how many shares you want to buy. When placing the order, it is recommended to use a limit order. You then have control over the maximum price you pay. In principle, products on the stock exchange can always be traded immediately, provided the stock exchange is open.

In addition, there are some good books for beginners:

  • Investing is not scary
  • Investing for dummies
  • The Investment Illusion

Beginners will also find tips in our article on learning to invest. Finally, brokers themselves often offer education and investment tips. Which brokers do this can be found in our broker comparison.


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