What Customers Should Know About Polymer Capacitors

The manufacture of polymer capacitors has increased recently to produce more superior and ecologically friendly materials. To help customers choose wisely when buying polymer capacitors, this blog article explains all they need to know about them.

A polymer capacitor is what?

A particular kind of capacitor built of the polymer film is known as a polymer capacitor. They are thus perfect for uses that call for eco-friendly materials, such as electric automobiles. Polymer capacitors also provide several benefits over traditional capacitors. They are more compact, lighter, and heat-resistant.

Beryl polymer capacitor characteristics

Beryl‘s polymer capacitors are gaining popularity day by day. Compared to conventional capacitors, they provide several significant benefits, including a longer lifespan and vibration resistance. We’ll examine some of the crucial characteristics of polymer capacitors in this blog article and talk about why they’re becoming more and more popular.

  1. Compared to ordinary capacitors, polymer capacitors last longer and can resist greater voltages.
  2. Another key benefit of polymer capacitors is their resilience to vibration, yet they are less likely to malfunction to resonance problems brought on by vibration.
  3. Due in part to their extended lifespan and resistance to corrosion, polymer capacitors also often cost less than traditional capacitors.

How can I acquire polymer capacitors made by Beryl?

The capacitance rating of a polymer capacitor is one of the most crucial things to take into account when making a purchase. This will reveal how much energy it can store before failing. Higher-rated capacitors will be able keeper more energy and provide performance that lasts longer.

The dielectric strength of the polymer film is a further crucial feature to take into account. High dielectric strength capacitors will store energy more effectively and provide a longer-lasting performance.


Due to their great dependability, low ESR (equivalent series resistance), and good temperature resistance, polymer capacitors are gaining popularity. This knowledge might assist customers in selecting the best polymer capacitor for their needs.


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