What do Kids from the 90s miss?

The best of 90s cartoons may be gone, but how about some nostalgia? The 90s in rising in fashion once more from bright eyeshadow to jelly bracelets, so we’ll tell you what kids from the 90s miss. From Nintendo to Playstation, Pokemon and Tamagotchis everything in between, these are the things most missed.

90s Candy

Rockets, lollipops, Tootsie Pops…90s candy is great! If you remember all of the candies and treats from the nineties, then you have a sweet tooth. If you don’t know any of these sweets, then we’ll give you a refresher. First off is Pop Rocks – they were popular in the nineties, and one important question that kids from the 90s wanted to know: do Pop Rocks explode when mixed with Coke? The answer is no. In fact, when mixed with Coke, they fizz up and taste awful. What tastes great are these fizzy sweets from Appleton Sweets.


The most popular handheld game console of the 1990s was the Gameboy. With many great games, like Pokemon, Super Mario Land and Tetris, the Gameboy was hard to beat. But one game that people didn’t realize at the time was its ability to create beautiful pen and paper art.


They may not be the newest or most popular game in the world, but for kids from the 90s, Pogs were some of their favorites. They were cheap, colorful and easy to make. But when a classmate took a break from making Pogs, they were gone forever. So what do kids from the 90s miss? Pogs!

The Nintendo

In the nineties, there was this little console that was known as “the Nintendo.” Not only did it have great games for consoles like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country, but it also had this weird Lego game called “Lego Ds.” Kids from the 90s missed this game so much that they actually made a spoof of it!


Tamagotchi was a toy in the nineties that was loved by kids from the 90s. It was a pocket pet that had your name on it. They had to be fed and played with and you could teach them to talk. It was basically a digital pet that could live forever if taken care of well.

Slinky Dancer

Slinky Dancers are cool! The dance moves are awesome and everyone’s always asking where you got it from.

The Sony PlayStation

The new system from Sony was great and had many great games. Some of the favorite ones were Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and Tekken 2. However, one thing that kids from the 90s miss is the original Spiderman game!

Kids from the 90s miss a lot of things from the nineties. Some of it may have been a piece of cake or candy that they ate after finishing their meals, while others may be classics that they still talk about today. Whatever it was, kids from the nineties know that they miss collecting those things and playing with them!


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