What is a Peek plastic?

Peek plastic is a colorless organic polymer. It is a high-performance plastic with outstanding resistant against harsh materials used in engineering purposes. It is a semi-crystalline made of grey materials. It has excellent properties regarding resistance to toxic materials. It was developed by Victrex PLC, later modified by imperial industries in 1980. Peek plastic has an excellent resistance to temperature and chemicals. Peek plastic is so expensive to the clients because of its resistance properties against high temperature and chemical changes. Peek plastic is non toxic to the cells, genetic materials and immune system of human. Peek plastic is an organic thermoplastic polymer which is the useful in order to save money and time. It can be useful because it does not pollute the environment. It does not have any side-effects on humans, cells and genetic materials. Peek plastic is resistant in both ways as physically and chemically. Peek plastic can be used in buildings and other construction areas to protect them from any kind of danger. It can be used as a heat resistant. It is not harmful for human kind as it does not soluble in water. It can be used to repair human skin and bone grafts. It has least solubility and conductivity. It is very flexible and quite stable in nature. 

Properties of peek plastic

Peek plastic has excellent properties regarding resistance against physical and chemical stresses. It can bear temperature of 143 degree. It cannot conduct electricity so that it is very useful in engineering works. Some of important properties are given below;

  • It cannot absorb water so it has low chance of destruction. 
  • It can absorb more radiations and never changes its structure.
  • Peek plastic can be used for high resistance against heat stress.
  • It is made up of low wearing which helps in stability.
  • Peek plastic has great resistance against creeping.
  • It is not a fluoropolymer and not contain any fluorine.
  • It is very resistant to biodegradation, wears and abrasions resistance.
  • Low moisture absorption capacity with excellent chemical resistance.
  • It has high thermal stability, accuracy and repeatability.
  • It has low flammable capacity.
  • It has great hydrolysis resistance so that it can be used in sea water.
  • It has great exceptional stability which increase its cost.

Peek plastic is one the most reliable plastic in the world which can be used in different field of applications. 

Peek machining tips

Peek plastic is machinable plastic and require some critical steps to follow to avoid any loss to mechanical and chemical appliances. These few steps are given below;

  • First step is annealing of peek plastic. It is a process in which a peek is subjected to very low stress and surface cracks in order to avoid any mechanical loss during machining. This process assures the stability and zero error in functionality of peek plastic.
  • Second step is cutting tools for peek plastics. In this step, peek is sliced in machines by silicon carbide cutting tools. Care should be taken in this process to avoid contamination and maintaining the quality of peek.
  • Another step is to dry or wet the peek. Because it bears the high temperature so it is necessary to place it into cool surface in order to avoid breakage and deformation. Standard coolant liquid can be used to cool the peek and air should be run across the peek sheets.
  • Last and the final tip of machining peek is to drill the newly cut peek plastic pieces. Long drilling should be avoided because they cause cracks and dents in the sheet which is not workable in machining. Care should be taken to avoid breakage and cracking of peek plastics.

Uses of peek plastics

Peek plastic has wide range of applications in different fields. Peek plastics can be used in mechanical and industrial appliances. It can be used to make roller, wheels, bearings, washers, seals, manifolds, cable insulation, blocks, rings and brushes. Peek plastics can also be used in drug delivery systems, spiked washers, dental healing caps, orthopedic devices, trauma fraction devices, spinal fusion devices and implants. Peek plastics can be used in healthcare, dentistry, energy and electronic industries. It can also be used in chemical, automotive and aerospace industries.

Peek plastic costs

There are many producers around the world. They have different rates of manufacturing peek plastics. There exist different kind of companies which offers manufacturing of peek plastics. Their rates depend upon the size and weight of peek plastics. Peek plastic has very high costs as it has great ability to absorb high temperature. It has resistance against chemical and physical stresses. It is used in aerospace industries to make material of the aircrafts. It is very costly. The rate of 50g powder of peek plastic is about Rs. 25,000 in India and Pakistan. There are many industries in Pakistan working to produce peek plastics including Ali traders (Pvt.) limited, Lahore peek plastic (Pvt.) limited and others. Click here  uwatchfree


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