What is Business Analysis Modeling and Design?

Business analysis has become a lucrative career option for techies in business. This particular job entails bridging the gap between IT and business. Business analysts (BAs) act as the link that integrates and implements IT applications in business, helping to improve business processes, products, and services. They use data analytics to assess business decisions and processes to recommend better steps and decisions for the company. If you wish to become a business analyst, you can take up a PGP Business Analysis Program and develop a career.

Business analysis modeling

Business analysis modeling constitutes a subcategory of functions performed by business analysts. Business analysis models are the composition of steps and measures taken to complete certain processes and achieve goals. This is an integral part of business planning and a key to the successful completion of the task at hand.

Due to the diverse nature of the problems faced by businesses, BAs employ a wide variety of visual models, each one suited for a particular task or subject. By using visual models, they can easily map out any procedure, and emphasize each step to make the entire plan easier to grasp as well as execute. Some of these are as follows.


  • Activity diagrams: These are diagrams that depict the required activities that need to take place in a system. They are created using UML diagram tools and resemble flowcharts to help carry out processes.


  • Product roadmaps: Product roadmaps are models used to outline the process of launching a new product, service, or feature. These are focused on the growth and development of a product, and allow the team to organize and contribute better. They are diverse tools used in planning the launch of any new item to the market, be it a feature, new commodity, or changes to existing products.
  • Organizational charts: These are charts that display the hierarchy in an organization, be it a team, department, or company. These display the ranking structure and help to identify the key roles and players of the system. They also help in better team management, stakeholder analysis, and other tasks that involve coordinating teams.
  • Data flow diagrams: These are charts that illustrate the flow of information within a structured organization. They show the information sources, processing, and storage points in the network. They are extremely useful in analyzing data-intensive operations, observing data sharing protocols within and between organizations, and revealing the points of interest regarding data flow and access.

No matter what model is being used, they must be able to fulfill tasks successfully and efficiently. The chosen model will be the one most fit to represent the results, and the choice is up to the BA. There is no specific roadmap to make the right choice. For this, BAs must employ their logic and design thinking.

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Business analysis and design thinking

The primary nature of the job of a BA is analytical. Their work is based on information, and their conclusions are data-driven. Business analysis modeling is the use of visual models to represent, interpret and communicate with the rest of the team. However, design thinking is also a brilliant tool that can make your job as a BA easier.

Design thinking is the thought process through which designers approach their idea and convert them into viable designs. The process is cognitive, creative, and strategic, and unique to the requirement of the design. As a BA, you can apply these strategies to understand and improve upon your plan, such as defining the scope and the requirements and validating any results that you may have obtained.

Design thinking strategies are especially useful in modeling, as you need to use your own logical and creative thinking to come up with the best data model. A business analysis model is a visual tool, and selecting the right tool is vital to obtain the desired results. A little creativity goes a long way, and design thinking can help you in this regard.

Growing demand for business analysts

While business analysis modeling is one of the essential skills and a niche area of expertise for a BA, the opportunities in the business analysis itself are vast as well as growing. Due to the last decade’s exponential growth of the IT sector, data-related jobs are more in demand than ever before. And, BAs form a part of this ecosystem. The job of a BA offers great packages, and even leadership positions, since the profile itself highlights your knack for planning, analysis, and decision making. They can be found on all levels of the organizational chart. And, these are some of the lucrative opportunities awaiting a business analyst.


  • IT business analyst: This is the perfect hybrid of merging technology with business. The primary role is to manage corporate data on the technical and business levels. This involves data handling, analytics, and interpretation of its effect on the business.
  • Business analyst manager: This job is usually higher up on the totem pole than most analysts. It involves overseeing and mentoring business analysts, mostly at their entry-level. It also involves working at senior management levels, synchronizing projections and analysis, as well as being a leader for the BAs under you.
  • Data business analyst: This is predominantly related to data analytics, identifying patterns and trends, and creating visual aids to communicate complex data with the rest of your team. This is a great position for those who have a great hold on statistics, research skills, and coding.


No matter what the job may be, BAs are present in all aspects of businesses, from being a part of small projects to overseeing things at the highest level. The job is the perfect fit for techies, as the work combines aspects of technical education with a business mind. Business analysis modeling is especially crucial since the job entails being the translator of complex results of data analytics. With the right tools, great communication skills, a business-oriented mindset, and a knack for solving real-life problems, you can also be a successful BA.


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