What is dice roll? How to roll the dice at will and important notes

How to roll the dice to win big, with little risk when betting at bookies is always a matter of interest to many people. Dice is a game that has existed in our country for a long time and is loved by many bettors. Although it is a familiar game, how to roll the dice at will is not something everyone can do. In today’s article, play GO88 will introduce you to some ways to help roll the dice as you like.

How to roll dice?

Learn how to roll the dice

Dice rolling, also known as rolling dice, rolling dice, is a folk game that originated in China and was introduced to Vietnam for a long time. In this game, players will use cube shaped dice. The 6 faces of the dice are marked with dots from 1 to 6, each point is a dot.

Players just need to roll the dice down until they stop and check the score on the dice facing up. From there predict the score and place bets and rewards from the house. The form of dice rolling appears in many games, such as Sic Bo, Sicbo, Seahorse… In which, Sicbo and Sic are the two most popular dice rolling games. Depending on the game, the number of dice also varies, usually using 1 to 3.

Is there really a way to roll the dice at will?

To increase the chances of winning when playing at the bookie, in addition to accumulating experience, many players also share how to roll the dice at will. So is it really possible to roll the dice at will?

Until now, many players still believe that, when rolling the dice, the dice will fall completely randomly, with a certain probability. Therefore, the ways of rolling the dice at will is an impossibility. However, in reality, there are still many people who roll the dice at will.

People who know how to roll the dice at will usually have two cases. One is to use a trick-or-treating dice-rolling kit, this is often the case in underground, unreputable casinos. The remaining cases are masters, have special skills or practice for a long time.

The reality of rolling the dice at will

Why should you apply the way you want to roll the dice?

Dice games such as Sic Bo, Sic Bo… which are games of high chance. So many players feel and hand their money to the house and wait for luck to smile at them. However, this is a misconception when wanting to get rich from red and black betting games by chance. To win big money, it is imperative that you use your mind and judgment.

Therefore, knowing how to roll the dice at will will help you to get the desired results. Increasing your chances of winning is the first important benefit when you know how to roll the dice. When the chances of winning increase, your pocket will be thickened quickly. This is what everyone wants when playing red and black betting, right?

In addition, if you know how to roll the dice at will, you will avoid cheating tricks from the house. Moreover, knowing how to roll the dice, you can freely participate in any playground. Besides, when applying the way to roll the dice at will, the winning rate increases, your playing position is also much more comfortable and entertaining.

How to roll the dice the best way

Playing emotional dice is just a way of fighting fire for rookies, participating in entertainment. If you want to make money from dice games, you should apply the following ways of rolling dice that GO88 has synthesized:

How to sow 1-3, 2-4

This is one of the ways to roll the dice at will that is applied by many players and wins big bonuses from the house. This pouring technique is quite simple, newbies are also easy to implement but the win rate is quite high. To apply this method, players need to have a receiving event to be able to make accurate judgments, thereby increasing their chances of winning.

Specifically, 1 – 3 or 2 – 4 are the odds the player places at each round. For example, the first round you bet 10,000, the second round is 30,000, the third round is 20,000 and the fourth round will be 40,000. Note, only when winning that round will you proceed to bet according to the above ratio, in turn in the correct order. If you lose any round or win all 4 rounds, start over. For example:

Round 1: You bet 10,000, if you win round 2 you bet 30,000, if you lose continue to bet 10,000.

Round 2: If you win round 2, you bet on the 3rd round is 20,000, if you lose, go back to round 1 bet 10,000

Round 3: If you win, your bet for round 4 is 40,000, if you lose, go back to round 1

Round 4: Win or lose you will still return to betting round 1 and bet 10,000 to start a new betting round.

Roll the dice in a big hit

This way of rolling the dice at will will be for those who want to play big. That is, just pour 1 time successfully, the bonus you will eat is 3 times. With this technique, the players often choose to bet 8 or 13 to increase the probability of winning. The odds in the big game are very attractive, depending on the house, you can eat 1:22 to 1:27. However, if you guess wrong, the amount you lose is also quite large, so this method is suitable for those who like to take risks, strong feelings.

The most accurate way to roll the dice at will

Roll the dice in pairs in

This way of rolling the dice at will, although the probability of winning is not too high, but the odds are 1:5 so many people choose. With this method, you will choose a pair and bet up to 30 times, you will have a chance to win 4 times the amount you bet before. Note: when playing this way, if you win, you should stop playing to ensure your capital, don’t be too greedy and lose your pocket.

Notes when applying intentional dice rolling

The above intentional dice rolling methods will not be too difficult for new players. However, do not be subjective and easily make unnecessary mistakes. Some important points players need to keep in mind when rolling the dice are as follows:

First, practice more often to increase your proficiency. Play at small bets for smoothness and then move on to bigger, riskier bets.

Second, the ways to roll the dice above are for your reference and choose a playing strategy that suits your actual situation. Depending on the current situation of the bet as well as the amount of money you have in hand, choose the most appropriate way to pour.

Finally, don’t ignore the table’s history when making a betting decision. Review the results of previous games to find the most effective rules of the game.


Above is a summary of how to roll the dice at will that GO88 wants to share with you. Hopefully, with the above ways, you can win big money when participating in dice games at the house.

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