What is the Cone Force? How to Shock Disc with Cones Always Win

Difficult to detect and extremely high accuracy are the most common evaluations from ST666 experts when talking about disc cones. This is currently one of the most popular forms of poker and has helped many people earn hundreds of millions of dollars easily. Follow ST666 to follow the following shares to know more about this type of disco army!

  1. What is disc cone?

Disc cone is one of the most effective forms of playing poker today. This form comes from China and is known by another name that is the self-falling army or the even-heavy army.

Outwardly, these cones have a shape and structure that is not too different from normal pieces. However, inside they are designed in the form of a paper cone. This piece of paper is heavier than the rest of the paper.

It is because of such a delicate design that when bouncing the disc, the cones only fall in two default directions, which is the opposite direction to the shock direction and the inclined direction in a certain direction. Poker with cones is not only chosen by many bettors to bring home their victory, but even some bookies also use it to thread the pieces as they want into the casino.

2.Why should you choose cone disc shock?

There are two reasons why more and more bettors choose cones to shock the disc. That’s because this type of army possesses 2 undeniable advantages as follows. Let’s see what the experts at the ST666 bookie reveal are those advantages!

2.1 Guaranteed 100% no tang

The poker market is constantly developing with the introduction of many different types of military equipment. In which there are many types that require the user to use with some other items such as camera or salt water to bring the expected results.

However, this cumbersome request makes it difficult for the user of the position because it is easy to attract attention in front of others. Especially the veteran disc jockey players. Overcoming these major disadvantages, the disc cone does not require the player to combine with any other tools.

Even if someone checks with LED lights or magnets, they can’t detect that it’s a cheat disc. The structure of the throne is mainly paper, so such ordinary forms of examination cannot be exposed. Moreover, the design of the military unit still looks very ordinary, even if you look closely, it is still difficult to recognize which is a hoax.

2.2 Provides high accuracy

Super high accuracy is the biggest advantage of this disc jockey. The accuracy rate can be up to 80%, even 90% if the user shakes his hand evenly. And to shake hands evenly, players just need to practice diligently because in general, the way to use cones is not too complicated.

  1. Instructions on how to shock the cone disc effectively and simply

Playing poker with cones does not require the player to be the dealer. Even if you are just a member of the game, you can still apply this dice to win for yourself. The important thing here is to put the cone on the disc to use successfully.

Once the input is complete, the cone will return results based on the previous arrangement. When jostling, pay attention to whether the shocker has even hands or not. If the hand is steady, the number of games that the player wins will account for at least 70-80%.

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3.1 Notes when squeezing the cone disc, it is impossible not to know

The effectiveness of playing poker with cones is rare, because it’s really too high. Because of such a high win rate, it is easy to cause suspicion to other participants or the house. Therefore, if you want to eat money evenly from week to week, bettors should remember and apply the following notes.

3.2 Not only put in a single door

Putting in a single bet and winning consistently is easy to make others skeptical. That will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. Therefore, many experts in the arena ST666 Casino recommend that you change the bet door flexibly depending on the situation or the player’s hunch. Never place consecutive bets on a door even though that door is bringing you consecutive wins.

3.3 Don’t show excessive confidence

Overconfidence can very well bring great trouble to the user of the cone. Being confident that you’ll keep winning or showing others that you’ve got your results figured out will upset other players. Then there will be doubts.

They even asked to check the rank or check the person to see if there was any fraud here. This will interrupt the fun and make you the focal point to watch out for in future bets.

3.4 Changing the place to play poker

This is considered a “bloody” experience that cannot be ignored by the players who play sloppy discs. The fact that you make too much money in a certain casino or house will be very noticeable to others.

Then the casino owner will watch you more closely. This creates a huge obstacle for the next attempt to put the cone on the plate. That’s why Then change the location to play poker no matter how much money your current location is making.

Above are the actual shares from the longtime disc jockey players at ST666 about the disc cone. From usage to important notes when playing poker with cones are briefly summarized in this article. Currently implementing many ST666 promotions with many attractive gifts or huge bonuses. Hurry up and register for ST666 today so you don’t miss out on attractive benefits!


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