What Makes a Good Assisted Living Facility

It can be a difficult time once the decision is made that your loved one needs to be moved into an assisted living facility. This could be for a number of reasons but mostly it is not safe for them to be on their own anymore. Once this decision has been made it’s time to start looking into the assisted living options that are within your budget and have the things that you are looking for. Here is a great assisted living Pocatello with a lot of great options. Below are some of the important things to think about and look for when looking for the right place. 


This is something that you are typically able to tell as soon as you walk onto the grounds. The condition of the facility can tell a lot about the facility as a whole. If things aren’t very well taken care of it can show how the business is run. If the grounds are well maintained it shows that the business and employees of the business care. They want things to keep nice for their residents which can be a sign of good character within the business. 


Those that will be working directly with your loved one are the staff. They will be in contact with your loved one multiple times a day. It is essential that these people are good people and have the best interest of your loved one at heart. The staff are the ones that ensure they are eating enough, taking their medications, and having conversations with them. All of these contacts with your loved one should be a positive experience. 


When considering facilities the larger ones may seem more appealing and better due to their amenities. This may not always be the case though because with a large facility comes a large number of residents. With a lot of residents, your loved one can feel lost within the groups. At a smaller facility, it is more likely to create personal relationships. This would be with the nurses but also with the other residents since they are with the same people every day. Regardless of a large or small facility, it is important to know the number of residents per nurse. This will tell you if your loved ones will get the attention they need. 


One of the most important things, when you are putting others in charge of your loved ones, is safety. Make sure that the facility has safety measures in place for all the residents. This could include locks on all entrances and exits that are only unlocked with a code. Handrails for assisted mobility throughout the facility. There are many other things that can and should be done within a facility to keep everyone safe. 

Where Will You Choose?

As you are searching for the best fit for your loved one it can be difficult to find what you think is the best choice for them. Consider the facility, the staff, size, and safety at all the facilities you look at. These are the most important factors that can help your loved one have the best possible experience at an assisted living facility.


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