What sort of garden lights combine the best

There are several ways in which a person can make their garden into a more attractive place and one of these ways is by illuminating it with the correct garden lighting.

How to pick between all of these variations

One of the most important things everyone looking for a garden light solution should ask themselves is – what do I really want to achieve with it. Are you looking for more visibility, do you want to accent something or you just want to feel like the fairy kingdom is at your bidding flying around with their illuminating bodies?

Garden lighting comes in different shapes, sizes and intensities which can provide a wide variety of ambiances and sensations –  so the right choice depends on your preference of atmosphere.

Solar lights and light-up furniture

One of the most opposing yet quite interesting combinations in our list, are the solar lights and light-up furniture combinations which you can find at This choice provides you with the ability to move around the light sources in your garden which is suitable for when and if you change your mind about the arrangement of your property.

Solar lights are very easy to move around as most often they are with a narrow, pointed, spike-like base which is designed to be put into the ground with little to no resistance. This saves you the effort of digging holes and everything else connected with the relocation of electrical cabling.

The ambient light from light-up furniture is also quite soft and nice to look at, providing a lower, more serene and duller light which is colored into the color of the chair. These are quite often seen in commercial use in garden restaurants or clubs which want to stand out.

These two make quite a good combination because of the mobility bonus, as well as the low, but effective light. If you want a bit more visibility, then we suggest you how with the next option.

Patio lighting and ambient floor lighting

Patio lighting, or lamp lighting similar to Christmas lighting, is quite a nice, stylish way of lighting up a space without really taking up that much floor space. When combined with floor lighting, built-in lights, then it’s quite effective at providing enough visibility while also allowing for the play of shadow and light.

In the case where you have a lot of people in one place, these types of lights are quite nice to have since they do not interfere with the use of the space.

Patio lights and lamp posts

The same goes for this combination of patio lights and lamp posts which a diametrically opposed and light up different parts of the same space. This means that with their combination, you manage to achieve almost full illumination, without running the risk of having lights which are far too bright.

In sense, you provide the necessary visibility, while also leaving a chance for a dance between light and dark sports.

You can most often find the best solutions for this in places like where they provide a full catalogue of options and variations of the same light fixtures.

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