What Types of Jobs are Available for MSc Nursing Graduates?

Are you an MSc Nursing Graduate? If so, you will be qualified to apply for multiple job options in different healthcare sectors. Moreover, advanced degrees from the MSc nursing colleges in Mumbai will help you develop specific skills and a deeper grasp of healthcare systems, making you applicable for today’s job market. And, according to statistics from Indian Nursing Council, there are about 33.41 lakh registered nurses.

But, are you not aware of the promising nursing job prospects? If so, kindly read our blog, which will highlight the numerous employment options open to graduates of MSc nursing colleges in Mumbai and analyse the possible impact they can have on the healthcare sector.

MSc Nursing- Course Overview

If willing to pursue a 2-year postgraduate course, which focuses on advanced nursing areas such as Clinical Nursing, Nursing Education, Research, Statistics, and much more, an MSc in Nursing can be your ideal choice. Moreover, this study plan aims to provide you with advanced knowledge in the field of medical care and treatment.

Course Highlights


Please see the table below to get important details about the MSc. (Nursing) course provided by Terna Nursing College, one of the top-rated MSc nursing colleges in Mumbai:

Level of Education Postgraduate
Course Name Master of Science in Nursing
Course Duration 2 years
Average Course Fee Ranges between INR 95,000 to INR 1 lakh

Eligibility Criteria

To secure admission to MSc Nursing courses at Terna Nursing College, you must satisfy the following:

  • Complete a BSc (Nursing)/ BSc Hons. (Nursing)/ Post Basic BSc. Nursing from an Indian Nursing Council-recognised institution.
  • Score at least 55% in your Bachelor’s Degree. Nevertheless, reserved category candidates with 50% can also apply.
  • Should obtain registration from the Maharashtra Nursing Council and possess at least 1-year working experience.

Employment Pathways for MSc Nursing Graduates

You will have the knowledge and expertise needed to significantly impact the healthcare sector once you have finished your MSc in Nursing. Also, after graduating from MSc nursing colleges in Mumbai, you can apply for a lot of exciting employment openings. Additionally, you can anticipate a monthly salary of between INR 13,500 and INR 37,700. Let us now look at some of the well-known job profiles available to you:

● Nursing Practitioner

You will have a lot of patient care duties in this advanced role. Additionally, you will have the power to manage patients, diagnose them, and administer treatments including medicine prescriptions as well as diagnostic test orders. Moreover, degrees from MSc nursing colleges in Maharashtra will enable you to specialise and pursue certification as a family nurse practitioner, a mental health nurse practitioner, or a paediatric nurse practitioner, depending on your interests and professional goals.

● Clinical Nurse Specialist

In this job role, you will play a crucial part in improving patient outcomes by offering specialised care, education, and counselling within a particular area of nursing. Additionally, you will have the option of working in areas including critical care, cancer, public health, etc. You will also have the chance to collaborate closely with interdisciplinary teams to create and use evidence-based practises, eventually improving patient care and the competency of nursing staff.

● Nurse Educator

You can choose to become a nurse educator after earning your MSc in Nursing due to the increasing demand for qualified nursing practitioners. You can further contribute your knowledge to this work profile by creating and putting into practise a nursing curriculum and instructing ambitious nursing students. Additionally, after earning a degree from nursing institutes in Mumbai, you will be able to conduct fruitful research and close the knowledge gap between theory and practise, thereby assisting in the preparation of successful nursing professionals.

● Nurse Manager/Administrator

With an MSc in Nursing, you can increase your leadership, management, and organisational skills, which can, in turn, make you a strong contender for managing or administrative positions. Additionally, under this role, you can manage finances, plan and organise patient care, and make sure that quality standards are followed while in charge of healthcare units or institutions. You can also work in fields like public health, long-term care, hospitals, and clinics, which support efficient healthcare delivery systems.

● Nurse Consultant

You will acquire a comprehensive variety of knowledge to think about working as a nurse consultant through the MSc Nursing curriculum. Moreover, private nursing colleges in Mumbai such as the Terna Nursing College offer programmes that will enable you to strategise and implement solutions to challenging healthcare issues in conjunction with organisations, healthcare providers, and policymakers. Additionally, you can operate alone or as a member of consulting businesses, offering advice on programme design, quality improvement, regulatory compliance, etc.

● Dietician

You can investigate the positions of dieticians with an MSc degree. Additionally, you will have the chance to advise clients on nutrition-related difficulties and wholesome eating practises while fulfilling this job profile. You can further discuss how food and nutrition can be used to control sickness as diet experts. And, to help individuals lead healthy lifestyles, you can develop and carry out good and nutritious food services or nutritional programming.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of whether you want to specialise in patient care, contribute to nursing education and research, or take on nursing leadership roles, MSc nursing colleges in Mumbai will equip you with the talents you need to influence the future of healthcare delivery and propel good change in the field. And, we hope that our blog can give you a summary of the various career pathways in the nursing industry.


  1. Can MSc Nursing graduates work in non-traditional healthcare settings?

With an MSc (Nursing) degree, you can explore careers in non-traditional healthcare settings like pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, government agencies, etc.

  1. What expertise are offered by MSc Nursing colleges in Mumbai?

You will acquire critical thinking skills, research abilities, leadership qualities, strong communication skills, and so on at MSc nursing colleges in Mumbai. They will also make you highly sought-after in the healthcare industry.

  1. Why go for an MSc in Nursing?

To expand your knowledge, you can pursue an MSc in Nursing. You can also have a better understanding of subjects that are not included in a UG nursing course.

  1. Are MSc Nursing graduates eligible for research opportunities?

Yes, you can participate in research initiatives to advance evidence-based practice as an MSc nursing graduate. You can further engage in clinical trials, undertake further research projects, or work with multidisciplinary research teams.


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