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Which Two-Colour Combinations are the Best for Bedrooms?

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The bedroom plays a central role in any house. It’s where you wake up every morning, spend time curled up with a cup of tea and are perfectly comfortable to binge watch Netflix or have intimate conversations. That’s why it’s so important to put thought into choosing the perfect colours to paint it. Which two-colour combination will make your bedroom feel more tranquil, with a splash of warm energy and positivity? There’s such a vast range of Berger’s interior paints to choose from. So, how do you make a decision? Read on for inspiration on some great colour combinations that can perfectly adorn your walls for years to come.

Lilac and Light Pink

Classy and calming, this unique combination of colours is perfect for the master bedroom. It will elevate your mood, while also inducing restful sleep. Based on the depth of colour you prefer, you can combine Berger’s Bit of Lilac with Marble Tint, a darker pink. You can combine Petite Lavender and Distant Haze. The combination makes your room look cleaner, larger, and uncluttered. The combination of lilac and light pink is said to boost spiritual awareness and feelings of luxury and contentment.

Yellows and Greens

Your kids may want a more “fun” combination, rather than a muted and minimal look. For children, their bedroom serves as a multipurpose zone. Here’s where they spend time studying, playing, bonding with friends and, of course, dreaming of the future. It’s a great idea to choose a two-colour combination that boosts creative thinking and creates positivity and energy. A combination of light green and bright yellow could be perfect. You can even give an outdoorsy feel using the right textures on the walls. To choose the exact shades, you can check an online colour catalogue that suggests the best combinations for each colour.

Green and Aqua

This is a great combo for smaller bedrooms, since it creates a sense of space. If you’re choosing Berger Paints for interior walls, consider combining Restful Refuge or Sprinkle of Green with Aqua Appeal, which makes the bedroom look fresh and serene. This is a good combination for the guest bedroom that is visited often by your parents. You could even go monochromatic.

Red and Grey

Don’t have a timid personality and wish to make a bold statement? Then red is the colour of choice. It evokes feelings of excitement and passion. It’s best to not make the ambience too invigorating. Choose a deeper shade of red and pair it up with white for the perfect balance between stylish and sober. If you really want to sass it up, try a more vibrant hue of red with grey. These two colours go well together. Among the best combinations in Berger’s paints for interior walls is English Vermilion with Hill Gray and Sundried Tomato with Snow Drift. Go for minimalist furniture in this bedroom. This two colour combination is also great for the living room.

Beige and Burgundy

Does red sound too bold? You can still have fun with burgundy or scarlet. These colours will infuse energy and boldness in the ambience, which can be contrasted with the softness of beige. A good two-colour combination in this category is Light Murals and Scarlet Tide. If you’re not too sure, use the Virtual Painter tool online to check if you want this look for your bedroom.

Browns and Blues

Blue is a great choice and promotes high-quality sleep. Combine this with a vibrant shade of brown for an attractive two-colour combination for your bedroom walls. Go for muted shades of blue such as the purplish Water Willow and pair this with a bright Carina Gold.

Mint and Light Violet

For guest bedrooms, the best two-colour combinations are those that combine playfulness with serenity. The subtle contrast between shades like Bella Mint and Gentle Flower is ideal if you often host your friends on their vacations. It’s a great combination that sets the mood for restful sleep after a rocking party. It is also conducive to warmth and intimacy.

Purple and Shades of Grey

Purple is playful and perky. It also represents luxury and royalty. Pairing a darker purple with a mild grey looks sophisticated. For a more stylish look, contrast a pastel purple with a darker grey.

It’s possible to create the perfect interplay of energy and calmness using various combinations of contrasting and complementary colours. Consult painting professionals to make your bedrooms look warm and inviting, yet have a trendy and sophisticated appeal.

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