Who Are The Best Casino Players In The World?

Once a winner is always a winner, but this may not be true when you play out your luck at casino games. Be it the number of aces you have in the hole or the strategies you have learnt with time; luck can never be outranked in the process.

Moreover, the same goes for the world’s best casino players in the world. Some of the famous names in the world of gambling have taken the gaming and entertainment standards to the next level. Let’s see who these lucky yet calculative minds are.

Top 5 Casino Players in the World

And if, after reading about these casino legends, you get all hyped up for learning a strategy or two about the casino games, Casino Deets can be your guide. Let’s see who all have mastered the art of hitting the jackpot: 

Dan Bilzerian 

Let’s begin with the self-proclaimed poker millionaire Dan Bilzerian. The Instagram celebrity inherited his major wealth from his parents but later in life focused on high-stake cash games, making him one of the wealthiest and most famous casino millionaires. Also, Bilzerian doesn’t just play poker for himself; he also sponsors players who want to compete in the World Series of Poker but lack the cash to pay the buy-in.

Ishkhan Sam Farha

If you follow poker religiously, you must have heard about Iskhan Sam Farha, a.k.a Mr. Cool. Known as one of the best poker players in the Middle East, he finished in second place in the World Series of Poker Main Event, 2013. Not many know that Iskham started playing at really low rates but now has a net worth of approximately $100 Million. Further, he has co-authored a book Farha on Omaha, about Omaha poker strategy, where he has intertwined basic poker strategies with his own strategies. 

Phil Ivey

The next on the list is Phil Ivey, a professional poker player who holds the title of a best poker player and is one of the highest-earning gamblers in history. Not just that, he has made nine final table appearances on the World Poker Tour. Interestingly, he had an inclination towards poker and is, in fact, called the Tiger Woods of Poker. Besides his real poker skills, his involvement with online poker and some great winnings along the way has helped him amass a net worth of $100 Million.

Doyle Brunson

The retired poker legend Doyle Brunson has been one of the pioneers of high-stakes poker and has helped elevate the game to a whole new level. One of the oldest members of the Poker Hall of Fame, Doyle Brunson, has some Hold ’em up hands named after him. He has been famous for a combination of ten and two spades, and now the very combination has been named the Brunson’s hand. Also, Doyle Brunson’s hand, the ace and queen combination, is also named after him. Besides this, he has won the Main Event of the World Series of Poker twice and also authored several books about poker. 

Archie Karas

Archie Karas, the famous poker literally made from the rags to the riches. Famous for The Run, the biggest and longest documented winning run in casino history, Archie Karas turned his $50 into $40 Million. The Greek- American gambler learnt the basics of poker while working in a casino on a cruise ship. And after he came out as an individual player in 1992, he started making several blind shots, but the luck has somehow favoured him in the casino world. 


All these world-famous casino players mentioned have been lucky enough to place their bets at the right times. But it won’t be justifiable to say that things are all-time lucky in their case. They have been wise enough not to play their luck-shorts blindly and have some strategies and experience involved!


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