Why Do Kids Need Regular Dental Cleaning?

Some people think that children do not need dental appointments yet since they still have milk teeth. But did you know that not long after a kid grows their first tooth, it is advised they begin making regular visits to the dentist for checkups and cleaning? Just like adults, kids should have their teeth examined every six months for overall oral health and wellness. Let’s look into why developing this routine is vital for little ones.

1. Monitoring the Teeth of the Child As They Grow

The dentist will not only clean a child’s teeth but also check if they are growing correctly. If not, and if they see any issues, they can correct them as soon as possible. In cases where the problem cannot be resolved early on, the dentist can recommend when corrective steps can be taken, such as wearing braces.

2. Keeping Baby Teeth Healthy

Taking care of a child’s baby teeth is just as important as looking after permanent teeth since this will ensure they have healthy gums and excellent oral health. A kid with healthy teeth can chew comfortably, go through normal speech development, and eventually grow healthy permanent teeth.

3. Preventing Tooth Decay and Cavities

Routine dental cleanings are the most effective way to prevent tooth decay and cavities. This is because the dentist gets to remove bacteria that could otherwise lead to plaque and tartar buildup, as kids are not thorough in toothbrushing. If cavities form, they can permanently damage the surface of the teeth, may cause toothaches and infections, and may require the removal of the affected tooth in some cases.

4. Keeping the Child’s Breath Fresh

Poor oral hygiene leads to bad breath. While some parents attribute their kid’s breath to the food they eat during the day, foul breath is often an indicator of poor gum health, bacteria, infection, or other dental issues. When a child’s teeth are regularly cleaned, bacteria are removed, and infections are addressed, keeping the child’s breath smelling fresh.

5. Brightening Teeth and Avoiding Stains

Many kids snack on sugary treats that often result in stains or yellow-looking teeth. Through regular dental cleanings, their teeth get a deeper clean, which helps avoid permanent discoloration.

6. Preventing Tooth Loss

Gum disease is one of the most common causes of tooth loss in adults because it not only affects the gums but also the bone holding the teeth in place. When kids get their teeth regularly cleaned, they maintain excellent oral health and avoid serious dental issues that could lead to tooth loss when they grow up.

7. Identifying Dental Issues Before They Become Serious

A dentist performs thorough examinations to look for signs of issues or potential problems in the kid’s teeth. These include misalignment, bite problems, or other orthodontic concerns. When detected early, dental complications can be avoided, and less invasive and inexpensive treatments can be utilized.

8. Developing a Positive Association With Dental Care

When kids start visiting their dentist at a very young age, they are less likely to develop a fear of dental checkups, and they become more comfortable with them over time. This creates a healthy routine that they will continue even as adults.

9. Promoting a Lifetime of Good Oral Health Habits

Consistently taking kids to dental visits impresses upon them the importance of looking after your oral health. This will set up the child for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

What Happens in a Typical Dental Cleaning for Kids?

A visit usually takes less than an hour. First, the patient’s history will be reviewed, followed by a dental examination and then an X-ray of the child’s mouth, if needed. If the dentist does not detect any issues requiring corrective treatment, they will proceed to perform the following steps:

  • Lightly scrubbing the teeth and scraping off any plaque or any other buildup
  • Cleaning all sides of every tooth using a dental tool
  • Gentle flossing
  • Teeth rinsing
  • The application of a sealant or fluoride for protection

Book a Dental Appointment for Your Child Today

Make sure that your child has healthy teeth and gums by signing them up for routine dental checkups and cleanings. Apart from daily brushing and flossing, paying a visit to the dentist is an essential part of an oral healthcare routine that should be maintained throughout a person’s lifetime.


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