Why is Geometry is so Significant in Real Life? Why should you never say,” I won’t do my geometry homework.”?

Geometry is one of the oldest fields of mathematics. If you speak Greek, it’s called “Earth Measurement.” It talks about how shapes and space are made. The volume, length, and area guide are still used today. When it comes to talking about the world, geometry is fundamental. There are a lot of real-world uses for geometry, some of which are shown here. You will now understand why should you never say,” I won’t do my geometry homework.”

The word “geometry” is used in a lot of different ways.

When building, geometry can help you choose what kind of materials you need, how it looks, and how it works. People use different geometric shapes when they build houses and buildings to make them look different and let more air in and out of them. Construction, astronomy, measurements, sketching, and so on are just some things that geometrical tools can be used for. Geometric shapes are combined to make a wide range of art forms. They all use geometry to figure out how much space is needed for different types of constructions.

Math is used in astronomy and space research.

As an astronomer, you can use geometric shapes to show how the planets, the solar system, and different stars are spread out across the sky. In another way, our planets are round at the core of their bodies. They come in two different shapes: round and oval. People who study astronomy use a wide range of geometrical principles and tools. Geometry is an essential tool in astronomy because it allows scientists to do a lot of complicated calculations and come up with new ideas. Using geometry, it was made to help people figure out how fast, how big, and how long heavenly bodies are. They’re studied in astronomy, and geometry helps us figure out how big and where they are in the sky.

  • When it comes to cooking, math has a significant role, which many people don’t know. People who cook can use measuring cups, spoons, and scales to help them. People who cook and bake, on the other hand, need to know how to measure, divide, and figure out shapes and angles. Points, lines, angles, curves, two and three-dimensional shapes, volumes, and proportions are basic things you need to know about house design and geometry. The depth and movement of a video game can be shown through geometric shapes. People who build kites, skateboard ramps, or Lego all need to know about geometry. Geometry is the science of figuring out how things fit together to work and look their best. If you want your fabrics to be symmetrical and look good, you need to learn about geometry.
  • Geometry is used in some professions to do their job well. Examples of geometric principles being used in computer imagery include making video games, animations, etc. During the process of mapping, geometry is used as well. Navigation, astronomy, and surveying all have a lot to do with mapping. They use geometry to do their jobs, from sketching to figuring out how far things are. This type of imaging can also be beneficial in fields like medicine. People use MRI and CT scans and other diagnostic and surgical tools, both at home and in the hospital. Doctors can do their jobs more safely and efficiently with help from things like this.


Even in the minor parts of our lives, geometry has a significant impact. Even though it can be in any form, it can help us better understand certain things and improve our quality of life.


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