Why is vaccination important for pets?

We all adore our pets, and this is a fact. They are loyal and lovely companions. Everyone likes to see them joyful, energetic, and enthusiastic throughout the day. One of our vital responsibilities towards them is to monitor their health regularly. This is why vaccinations are crucial in preventing hazardous infections & keeping pets healthy and fit. A regular visit to the veterinarian and getting them vaccinated can help you keep your beloved buddy safe & healthy. If your pets are not vaccinated, they are likely to fall ill. Also it is suggested to not postpone dates on the vaccine schedule to ensure your pet is safe at all times.

Why is it important to get your pets vaccinated?

Vaccination is recommended for pets to protect them from deadly diseases. It boosts the production of antibodies needed to detect and eliminate disease-causing organisms in your pet’s body. In addition to this, vaccinations prevent the spread of any virus from pets to humans or other animals.

Are there any risks associated with vaccination?

Vaccinations, like any other medical procedure, have some side effects, including fever, sluggishness, and lack of appetite. However, most pets respond well to them. Pets may also experience little discomfort or puffiness at the injection spot. In case of extreme health issues, swelling, or listlessness, you should talk to your vet and discuss the matter with him or her.

If your pet faces issues, such as frequent vomiting or diarrhea, itching, breathing problems, or swelling, call your veterinarian right away. You should also take online pet consultation with your veterinarian to plan out the vaccination schedule for your pet.

Which is the best vaccination for your pet?

Discuss with your vet about your pet’s activity, interaction with other animals, and travel plans. These factors can contribute to various health issues in your pet. You must understand that not every vaccine is suitable for your pet.

Vaccines for pets are generally categorized into two types, namely core &  non-core.

  • All dogs and cats are recommended to have core vaccinations as they give protection against diseases that affect pets of all ages.
  • Non-core vaccinations are recommended only for pets who are at risk of getting ill due to their lifestyles or living conditions.

For any assistance, you can consult the experienced vets at DCC Animal Hospital to get the right guidance related to your pets’ vaccination.

Get the vaccinations from trusted veterinarians

Now that you know why pet vaccinations are so crucial for your four-legged friends, you might be wondering where to get them vaccinated. This is where we can help. At DCC Animal Hospital, we provide compassionate care for your pet throughout every phase of their lives. Our trained professionals have years of experience and know everything about vaccination for pets. To schedule a veterinary online consultation, simply visit our website


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