Why you must focus on preschool Chinese tuition for your child

Why start your child young when it comes to Chinese language proficiency? Bilingual children could gain an edge over other students in many areas, such as access to career opportunities. 

In Singapore, it’s common for households to speak two languages, one of which is English. There are also instances where children become more comfortable communicating in English, which isn’t bad either. 

However, to ensure your child doesn’t lose touch with their roots and native language, it helps to enroll them in a preschool Chinese tuition programme. This also applies to foreign families in Singapore. 

If you see your family staying in the country for a long time, your child could benefit from a Chinese tuition centre at Newton or anywhere near your home. 

Let’s talk about how signing up your child for preschool Chinese tuition could help in their overall development.

1. Building a strong foundation 

Preschool Chinese classes help students develop a strong foundation in the Chinese language. The sessions provide them with plenty of opportunities to practice communicating in the language with their peers. 

Private tutors teach not only basic vocabulary and phonics but also conversational language. This helps prepare them as they start primary school. 

Programmes focus more on speaking and listening, which are vital as students progress to their next grade level in school.

2. Receiving personal support

Children need personal guidance when learning a new language. Preschool Chinese tuition allows them to receive this. 

Private tutors can connect with their students, especially since some classes are one-on-one while others hold group classes with a limited number of students. 

A large class may feel uncomfortable for little children who are not yet used to the traditional classroom setting. Starting with preschool Chinese tuition helps ease the transition for them. 

3. Appreciating the Chinese language and culture

One reason enrolling your child in a preschool Chinese tuition centre in Newton, or any location near you, is worth it is that they learn to appreciate the Chinese language and culture. 

Instead of having them memorise characters, words, or phrases, tutors show them how the language can be integrated into their daily lives. They’re not only exposed to the language, but they’re also taught history, songs, traditions, and games. 

Of course, the approaches used are modified to make concepts easier to grasp. This makes classes fun and interesting for young learners. 

4. Keeping children focused and entertained.

The programmes are designed to follow the syllabus in school and the requirements set by the Ministry of Education. And tutors make sure that every lesson is as enjoyable as possible. 

They use technology and interactive tools to appeal to children. Young children tend to feel bored quickly. They also get distracted easily. 

Focusing on a specialised Chinese curriculum will ensure your child learns the language while having positive experiences.

Explore different ways your child can learn Chinese in Singapore

Chinese is an important foundational subject for children, whether you have Chinese roots or none, because it’s part of people’s daily lives in Singapore, and globally as well. 

It’s a powerful tool for communication that will give your child an edge not only in school but in their future careers and personal pursuits as well.


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